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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


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American conservatives at the Washington Examiner are not amused:

It's called gesture politics, David. As the article Bob gave the link to correctly says, our American cousins are getting a tad concerned vis a vis our current relationship with China. Sending a poor lonely little frigate through disputed waters is meant to show that we mean business. Quite what she is meant to do if the Chinese won't let her through isn't exactly clear. I can see it now: "HERROW BLITHSH WARSHIP. WE NO LIKEE YOU COME LOOK-SEE IN CHINKY TELLITORIAL WATERS. YOU FLUK OFF CHOP CHOP OR WE GET VELLY VELLY ANGLEE AND BROW BRUDDY BIG HOLE WITH NUMBER ONE GRIDED LOCKET... MAKE BIG TIME FRUDDING SO CLAPPY BLITISH SHIP GO BLOTTOM OF SEA. NOW FLUK OFF!!!

Bob, somehow I doubt that the American Defence Dept. are that bothered about British support and influence given that we have virtually nil power and our influence is minimal.

Richard, I am truly impressed, I had no idea you were such linguist!

it is not exactly bristling with long-range, ultra-powerful missiles and 'yuuuuuge' guns

Typical Brown Job comment. The modern warship no longer has 'yuuuuuge' guns as they are equipped with sea to air missiles, ant-ship missiles, anti-submarine weapons and a chopper which extends the effective armament range out to the edges of the chopper operating range. The chopper is equipped with anti-ship missiles as well. Sutherland, a pretty ship, as well as all that stuff just listed does have a gun and that is most effective at considerable range. The firepower of this class of vessel is greater than that of a WW2 heavy cruiser.

Why the UK 'gummint' want to send her to the South China Sea I don't know but the Chinese need to be constantly reminded that they do not own that piece of water.

I also see by the news that Sutherland is coming to OZ on her way to the East and I hope she comes via Melbourne. A well kept Frigate is a thing of beauty to behold.

I don't know either AussieD why the UK gummit'd want her in those waters.

But d'ya know how the Sutherlands' ASW capabilities done last she was out?

Not that I know anything mind ...

Sorry, Admiral AussieD, but how long would it last against a couple of these:

JK I am no longer privy to that sort of information however the asw fitout of the Type 23 was pretty impressive.

In the ASW department, the ships were/are also fitted with a Thales Type 2050 bow sonar array. In addition five of the Type 23s were/are equipped with Type 2031Z towed sonar arrays and the other eight having Type 2087. With the airborne ASW capability included the end product is a vessel with excellent anti-submarine capability.

I also regard the results of exercises with a healthy suspicion as one of our outdated and notoriously noisy Collins class subs got the jump on an up to date US Naval group in an exercise. I am not sure who would have been the most surprised. I do know who was the most embarrassed.

Duffers thanks for the promotion but Admiral is above my old pay grade. I do not know how a Type 23 would do against a J-20 but all systems are eventually superseded with improvements then made in the countermeasures to be used against the new threat.

Well, AussieD, mine was a silly question anyway because my main point is that I remain unconvinced that the powers that be in Whitehall, political and/or military have really thought through the many different consequences should the 'brown stuff' hit the fan!

Couldn't agree with you more Duffers. All well and good to exert the freedom of navigation in international waters but what is the fall back position for a valuable asset a long way from home?

I still hope it comes to Melbourne. Think I'll write to their Lordships at the Admiralty suggesting it call here. I mean how could they refuse a crusty old salt a simple request like that.

They wouldn't dare, AussieD!

Bob, somehow I doubt that the American Defence Dept. are that bothered about British support and influence given that we have virtually nil power and our influence is minimal.

David, militarily you might be correct if you think Britain is going it alone. However, on the geopolitical front, American conservatives and liberals (in contrast to the right and left) are worried about America's loss of leadership in all types of global interactions, even including our closest allies.

AussieD?!!! David!

There's what your Sutherland Frigate's up to.

Supposedly. Guess we shall see.

We'll at least it made it out of Portsmouth.

Unlike the rest of the modern destroyer fleet that were tied up there with design faulty engines when I last visited Portsmouth, accompanied later by that new carrier leaking water through its prop shaft.

No admirals to be seen, mind, not one out of 41. Couldn't get a tee time at the RN Golf Club, no sirrreee.


"It appears that there's a design flaw in the gas turbine cooling system, meaning that from time to time they overheat and shut themselves down - there is however, a lack of publically available information on how often this has actually happened.

When they go, if the ship is operating at full speed, with all radars burning and turning and all other electrical systems running at full capacity (the galley busy cooking meals for 200 crew, etc.), then the diesel generators on their own don't have sufficient power, all the circuit breakers trip and the crew break out the candles (and end up eating sandwiches)." - some ex-RN geezer

Makes yer praaad, don't it, Jim m'lad!


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