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Monday, 12 February 2018


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"Has sent the ladies of 'Mumsnet' into a frenzy"

How long have you been waiting to insert that into one of your posts ?

You are Benny Hill & I claim my £5

these days I urge all you Dads to think twice because the answer you might get is, "But, Dad, I want to be a woman!"

Ye Gods, that puts SoD into perspective, doesn't it? He may be a rampant Europhile, but at least you don't have to contend with that. That's the great thing about fathering sons, isn't it? It's a tough job and I always feel as if I could have done better, but then I look at trannies and think that, actually, I've done really well.

Well, Jezza's all-women shortlists might at least have the balls to stand up to him.

Dear old SoD may have his faults but at least he wears trousers!

Jezza may be very keen on self-definition gender, but when men demand entry into female athletics events we'll really see some sport.

Won't be long before 'the right honourable person' becomes lore in that shabby binch of crooks known as the HOC.

And why wear a wig? Or a syrup?

Uselessness will not be allowed as a gender issue, just accepted as normal.

But how normal? Will the blokes get hissy fits? Will the gals get the hump from no bonking for a week?

Farcicle, but no doubt the Speaker will deal with the questions in her own way...

Scroblene, welcome to D&N and may I urge my regulars, who by and large are possessed with peculiar senses of humour, to visit your blog where they may partake of myriad giggles!

Also, I forgot to add for the benefit of my foreign readers, that is, anyone not born in London, that the "Syrup" referred to in Scroblene's comment is Cockney rhyming slang, 'syrup of figs" = a wig!

What's a Mumsnet?

David thanks for that clarification. My brain had been working overtime to no avail.

Andra, click on the word, it's underlined and linked!

Ah ha! Now I know.
Doesn't help me much though but thanks anyway.

What I love is that a large number of people support the notion that all sexes exist and therefore we should do away with labels like "man" and "woman" and then raise up a huge stink over the fact that "men" get paid more than "Women".

Don't forget "Peoplekind" too.....

Mayfly, at this rate, we may all become Canadian?

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