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Sunday, 04 February 2018


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"Guests can enjoy a hearty meal in the traditional restaurant, soaking up the rustic surrounds or settle with a cream tea next to an open fire in the contemporary bar area."

Well David, so much for your book reading! For me, a comfy chair by a fire after a good meal means staff will have to wake me to go to my room for bed.

Looks absolutely lovely. Have a wonderful time

I agree with missred. Looks lovely. A pint of good beer and a book outside/inside depending on weather.

Enjoy mate.

Some relaxy time to take your mind off this ...

Still starving and dehydrating its patients to death. "One a day keeps the doctor away" (on the golf course, chillaxing). Not even bothering to hide in plain view, just out there, bumping off the nation's sick and vulnerable, in your face, bold as brass.

And, of course, no self-respecting serial-murdering organisation would want itself within reach of the law, no sirreeee, so beyond the law it will be for them ...

"Tyranny begins where the law ends" - and that's where the NHS "leaders" and medical "profession" want themselves to be.

The state: Red in tooth and claw.

And the Brit hoi-poloi and pols go merrily-merrily along with it, even calling the NHS "the family silver", and the "envy of the world".

And you have the audacity to berate me for putting the country down and wishing less control by these people over themselves and me?

The Brits are surely the most self-deluded people in the developed world today, with the most falsely self-inflated view of themselves. Here's an inkling into how and why ...


Is it the sarong or the long johns??
Jest askin'.


Pack your bags and get in the car.

Andra, definitely the Long Johns - 'still your beating heart'!

By George and all the Saints! Does the Don read D&N? ...

Look at all those brainwashed muppets praising the NHS.

"We're allowed to insult the NHS but you're not".

Are they out of their effing minds?

I'm starting to wonder, from the perspective of a purely instinctive reaction rather than a considered, deeply researched and assessed reaction, does the Don ever get anything wrong these days?



If you believe The Don's tweets he is never wrong and always the greatest. I'm expecting a tweet that he played a round of golf with 18 holes-in-one, for he is yugely greater than Kim Jong-il:

Another £5 each wasted by the NHS to follow all the others, and another couple of hundred massacred and a few thousand tortured when £8 spent right might have spared them ...

No-one lost their jobs or went to prison. Not even considered. Over and above the law.

When you read this sort of thing over and over again you realize how Nazi Germany and Communist Russia were possible.

A Socialist Death Camp. Blighty's past, present, and future.


It's more efficient to let a "free market" work sooner:

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