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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


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The term "fat-ball cage" conjured up a mental image of such proportions, I had to go and lie down.

I think you are confusing your pigeons, David. The pigeons to which you refer when discussing sending messages and so on would be the humble 'feral' pigeons, which can be seen poking about on our streets, ready to fly at a moment's notice. The ones in your garden are most likely Wood pigeons, which make very fine eating. I remember when staying with my grandmother that they used to help line the pockets of the local farmer's boy who would walk across the fields when dawn was breaking and take pot shots at them, along with "rare-bits" (insert Norfolk accent here). There used to be only one or two of these birds in the neighbourhood but their numbers have taken off considerably, and they can now be observed in large flocks. I suspect a small amount of winnowing by rifle would not go amiss....

These foul fowl must be the most accurate bird around. One can spot a newly washed car from miles away.

Norfolk accent? How does it sound or I guess who does it sound like?

All i know is that when saying "Rabbit" it comes out "Rare-bit"

The above is a good clip.

Oh for an edit button.....

Any-hoo, the above clip is more a chap 'doing' a Norfolk accents, whereas these days, the true dialect is dying out. The Norfolk accent is a beautiful thing to hear, and I remember listening to a woman reading a poem in it once, and she was lauded because she could actually speak it properly. It's like trying to track down the BBC accent these days.....

Mayfly, thanks for that! I would have associated the speech with the Cockney that I have heard over the years until now. There are distinctions to be sure. When I see "Rare-bit" or hear it, naturally I think of the delicious cheese dish we had when I was growing up. I know there ain't no furry creature in it at all!

BF Skinner ran a project for the US navy in which he rigged torpedoes with pigeon cubbies. The pigeons were trained to peck at a radar screen do that they guided the torpedo to its target. And then died. Brave little birds.

The British trained pigeons to be walkie talkies. Americans trained pigeons to be killing machines. I think that sums it up.

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