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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


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It truly is a talent. Problem today is, what or who is it safe to laugh at?

Thank you for this. He went to the same school that I did and also played for the 1st XV and then locally played for the same club, although he had moved to London by the time I came along. They changed and bathed in the former stables behind The Old Horse London Road Leicester, by Victoria Park, where the pitches were. He was parallel to the Attenborough's, although possibly a better actor and narrator.

I can boast that I shared a stage with him in several productions. God bless you Mike.

Is that really you, David? What a fine figure of a man you are!

Very sad.

I remember your and his Falstaff & Bardolph combo with great fondness and pride. It worked perfectly as that pic demonstrates.

You lent me his autobiography around that time too, which was a heart-warming hoot.

RIP Mike Green.


This is such sad news!

I'm actually reading The Art of Coarse Acting as we speak, and the humour is just reducing me to helpless howls of laughter! For Christmas, Senora O'Blene and I bought each other as many of his books as we could find. I've already devoured the first Rugby edition, and have two more yet!

He was probably the funniest writer I ever enjoyed! RIP.

(I hope you won't mind D and N, but I'm short of a post and with a hat-tip in your direction, I'd like to do something as well)!

I'm sorry to hear this, I loved "The Art of Coarse Acting", and also had to read it alone in my house for fear of seemingly like a mad idiot. The story of the actor watching the play from the audience and announcing proudly to the people around him, "This is where I come on" was excellent!

I did have to remind Hamlet once that someone needed to deliver the "To be or not be speech" on stage, although I suspect most of the audience could have done it for him.....

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