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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


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Well, there's "What the British Did to India", and there's also "What the British Did for India". A balanced view should not underestimate either. I've only been to India once, and one of my strongest memories is of old guys who remembered the Raj telling me how much better things worked under the Brits, and how they admired the British way of life. I doubt if you would find many Frenchmen saying that of the German occupation.

Oh I wouldn't be so hard on y'all David, you did after all have a hand in creating that bastion of peaceful comity Pakistan din't ya?

There's a nice quote in Alistair Horne's biography of Macmillan, (1957-1986) when Prime Minister Nehru said to Macmillan, "I wonder if the Romans ever went back to visit Britain?" It delighted Macmillan and it is a civilised epitaph for the end of an era.

At the gym where we are members, there are numerous Indian expats from their 30s-70s. One couple are friends who were in the medical biz. They are smart, fun and funny! Both speak exceptionally good English...properly. Better than me.

We know that the Indians were not totally impressed by the rule of the Maharajas, because they did not restore it at independence (the descendants of the Maharajas are still alive). Perhaps they thought the Maharajas might be less benign than the British.
The legal system that the British imposed is still in use- I guess they liked that too.
The government system they adopted on independence is based on the Westminster system that Britain developed- sounds like something else British they liked.
The Railway system that Britain "imposed" on India is still used and still maintained.
I understand that no people likes to admit that it is indebted to another. Especially a people that got lots right on their own.
I understand that disparaging anything western is the fashion today.
But I cannot accept the assumption that a non-western, non British administration would have done less harm or made less mistakes than a western or British one did.
Anyone who expects perfection will be seriously disappointed. Anyone who expects it from government is totally delusional.

Highly Recommended David!

Should the above link fail.

Also stopped them burning widows.

Always a good riposte when some Indian starts waffling about the Raj and its evils.

The Indian Legal system is based entirely on the British version, and this is as it should be: but I do reckon someone, anyone, should have explained to the Indian legal chappies who set up their court system about the correct understanding of the phrase sometimes quoted in Legal journals:-

"A little titter ran around the Court"!

A little titter ran around the Court"!

It's an oldie but a goodie.

"A little titter ran around the Court"!

New one on me! Is it akin to lurid testimony or something?

I think, Whiters, it's a memory of old times newspaper reporting when something funny was said in court - "a titter ran round the court". A bit like the one I sometimes quote based on the scrofulous hacks who used to interview naughty ladies and ended their story with "I made my excuses and left" - nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

Thank you David.

Whitewall, it is now a rascist offence to abbreviate the word Pakistan and just say Paki also you cannot say I am going out for a Chinky tonight. The lefties go mad and demand prosecution for such words.
I had the displeasure to work with Pakistanis for over a decade from from 1971 until 1982.
They were clearly fundamentalists and from arriving in Scotland the funding had started to build the Mosques. They eat, sleep and shit allah as is demonsfrated in Syria. Life is of no importance without allah. So do not be surprised at heads being hacked off.

Jimmy, if those words make lefties go mad, then by all means use them as much as possible!

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