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Friday, 23 February 2018


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It is probably the most embarrassing behaviour of a political leader evah!

"Boy Trudeau" is a perfect Post Modern Progressive- easily groomed to any disruption his sick ideology can conjure up! Why I hear that my neighbors to the north have now taken up gender confusion/identity! There are now multiple genders up there it seems with their own dedicated pronouns and mandated words for each. Everyone is not only mannerly, they are oh so sensitive!

Well David there is a bright side - Canuck pols "oranged up" eliminates a step.

At least Justin looks a little more grown up. When he was first elected he looked like a kid who just left hanging around a shopping mall.

Polite words fail me. It must be embarrassing to be Canadian at the moment and try and explain how such a plonker go to be PM.

When Boris goes abroad, he embarrasses Brits because he is self-centred, insensitive of local feelings, and blundering. But I see now that these traits are quite OK. Trudeau is so desperately anxious to please, and so massively and needlessly "sensitive", that he makes one squirm. Just look at his mimsy little face in the first picture. That's not a premier, that's a spaniel.

At least Fidel didn't live long enough to see this.

Shhhh, Malcolm, we don't mention that in public!

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