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Saturday, 10 February 2018


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"just fuck off and mind your own business!"

Trouble is, making huge piles of cash through undermining countries and currencies pretty much is his business.

Well David, so long as you're on your creep friends:

Any parting words for the bastard?

The entire British system is built on large donor funding. Unions for Labour and big business for the Tories.

This is the main reason why Brit politics dwells in the authoritarian zone of the Nolan chart: Both the Unions and big businesses want to use their buying power to coerce the government into maintaining their monopolies.

In a Democracy it's one person one vote no matter how politically connected you are. In a free society buying political influence should be limited per person to an amount that even the poorest could afford, or funded as social buying power per person. For example, £50 per annum per person to donate to parties, think tanks, etc., with an outright ban on any more.

But in the mean time, while the unions and big business dominate politics with their buying power to keep Blighty in the authoritarian zone of Nolan, I'll take from whichever rich bastards want to fund Blighty remaining in the EU and thereby to keep the authoritarians in check that can be found.

Although I disagree with the system you have to work within it to defeat it when there's no way to defeat it from without.


George Soros is a financier of the enemies of Western Civilization and an enemy of mine. I make no distinction between him and those who fund radical Islamists. I do hope Hungary can bring about the publication of his obituary any day now as well as his cabal of deep pocket henchmen.

A covert SAS mission would do the trick then blame the Yanks or Russians.

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