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Sunday, 11 February 2018


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The tiny widdle atolls are gonna dwown! Yeah, I had a good laugh at the shameless grifting like the cabinet meeting under water to drum up cash, when all the time the atolls are fine and sometimes even grow.

"For reasons beyond me, and him, they have achieved almost saint-like status since they first kicked off their murderously stupid campaign which was not only dangerous to innocent people but which actually delayed the granting of votes to women."

No, I think he gives the reason. The BBC and other parts of the media are full of people (not all of them women!) who are completely committed to a "progressive" agenda, which means making as much congratulatory noise about women, gays, penile amputees, and ethnic minorities as possible.

In Felixstowe two suffragettes burned down a hotel (The Bath Hotel). It's terrorism really. Sorry, David but another reference to The Conservative Woman and an excellent post by Belinda Brown on the subject. From which I learned that the Pankhursts described men as merely carriers of venereal disease.

"Thank God Christianity is in its dotage". Just wait for the imposition of Islam 1.0 after this Social Justice Religion falls flat on its empty arse!

Polls show there's a somewhat similar swing of the left-right pendulum over here. Democrats have so far decided that "Isn't Trump awful?" is explanation enough for people to vote for them, which is highly doubtful. However, nine months is a political eternity so conclusions can't be drawn just yet.

While it's most likely an exercise in futility to point out, the situation with islands is more complicated than the general press knows:

Mike, no need to apologise for '', they look pretty good at first glance.

The New Zealanders got nothing on the folks at NOAA David!

And whonoo the University of California San Diego'd deliver us unto another Ice Age!

Bob, you beat me to it because I, too, have noticed the occasional commentary warning that the Dems should not count their chickens too early. You would have thought the 'HillBilly' disaster would have made them more cautious!

JK, alas, for me, your NOAA organisation has all the authority of a weather forecast from our dearly beloved-not Met Office who in desperation to avoid embarrassment reduce their forecasts to either "Sunshine and showers" or "Occasional showers and sunshine"!

David, the one thing at which Democrats consistently excel is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. On the other hand, they're winning a lot of races no one would expect:

Point taken, Bob, but, to quote a phrase, "We shall see what we shall see"!

So, you opted for Charles I rather than Churchill? Very sensible, if I may say so. I read that the government provided Oxfam with £30 million. It's not a charity is it, but an arm of government.

David, no one is ever concerned about their own national debt, especially in the US. Some say they are, but they usually mean annual deficit. We are all in a bad way if reduced taxation, which is another way of saying a bit more freedom for the taxpayer, becomes a threat to the government(s). Beginning of a solution: the bond markets make a comeback after years of dormancy during the quantitative easing our governments did to provide cheap capital and roaring stock markets.

Well Bob, I can bring up a "scare link" to match your's:

And just going by the clickbait one might be forgiven the exultation until that is, the realization sets in that, "one seat taken by a Dem!" doesn't amount to a hill o' beans when its the Republicans 115 to the Democrats 47!

Still I suppose, "a seat gained one by one" isn't to be sneezed at.


Another thing to consider is the number of Republicans bailing out:

I'd hazard a guess they know something we don't. Still, Democrats can coitus up an anvil when they put their minds to it.

And btw, the army seems to agree with us:

Mike, yes, I am well and truly 'Churchilled out' for the moment. As for Oxfam - and others! - I sense some serious brown stuff hitting the fan very soon!

JK and Bob, I keep picking up references to a 'yuuuuuge' military parade which I gather is Trump's idea. By and large, and excepting victory in a World War, I'm against them. It's the sort of thing jumped-up prats like 'Fat Boy Kim' go in for!

This "parade" meme is a giant troll I think.

That's exactly what critics are saying over here, David. If it's a troll, he's taken it all the way:

Call ya Bob and raise ya two!

For you David.

Knowing as I do, your love for maths!

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