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Sunday, 18 February 2018


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Well, some of the couples ice dancing, I guess it's called, can be interesting. Still, I don't care about the winter Olympics. Come to think about it, I don't care about the summer ones either.

Mick Hartley has an interesting post on Corbyn:

Spot on, Whiters, as usual!

Thanks, Dom, I have book-marked that site. At a quick glance Mr. Hartley is my sort of fella'.

There's another aspect to the 2016 election:

It's worse than we knew. The Russians conducted field operations as well as computer hacking.

This too re the Mueller probe, the DOJ and FBI:

When our law enforcement agencies go rogue, we are in trouble. Thus the 2nd Amendment.

Things are going well for President Trump. Mueller is busy defenestrating the FBI and DOJ. How long before the Clinton lawyers on his team start jumping ship?

If, BOE, the Clinton lawyers do jump ship, we can all enjoy the remarkable sight of sharks actually spitting out food!


(And yeah I'm familiar with the text of the indictment) But anyway, given that Rosenstein guy insisted, "There is no evidence that a single vote was changed" how can we measure those "field operations" success?

Hopefully, Mueller'll insist his show-trials air on C-Span.

Be better'n the Olympics (I guess as I haven't watched any).

THe Corbyn "revelations" are unlikely to change anybody's opinions. Most people who fancy him probably think that soviet rule here would be a good thing.


You'll have to ask a security expert (maybe yourself) if we can measure the successes of Russian field agents. It doesn't seem realistic they could have had no effect at all. Still, unless proven otherwise Clinton lost primarily because she was a lousy candidate backed by a lousy campaign.

Oh. My. God.

I've found home, at last.


A new state designed by Libertarians, for Libertarians.

Currency is any cryptocurrency, Bitcoins etc. Identity for citizenship and paying of minimal tax is blockchain.

A sandbank on the Danube to start with. What divine perfection of an irony. The epicentre of the civilized world's tyrannical history has a newcomer: Pure Liberty.

In the heart of darkness a new star shines.


" Pure Liberty"? I give everyone there about one year and all will be dead or moved away! Agreed?

Wrong on two counts, Whiters.

One: It's happened before, how about that strip of land called America where a bunch of raggedy Liberty seekers were given "about one year and all will be dead or moved away"?

Two: Liberland has been around since 2015 ...

... So it's already outlived your one year lifespan.

By hoovering up the crumbs of land - a sandbank here, an unclaimed island there - from the otherwise empty table where tyranny has stuffed its face, and leveraging Bitcoin and blockchain where constitutions have started well but withered and failed, might mankind have discovered the last ounce of energy to punch away "the boot, stamping on the face of humanity - forever"?


David, rather OT but I was stunned yesterday whilst watching "When things go horribly wrong in comedy" to see an old RSS member! Her first name was Yvette, I believe she was one of the three sisters"The Three Sisters" and she had/has a husband who was in "Box and Cox" and that other play which I try very hard to forget.

Can you recall her second name?

Some good news from Syria ...

"The new phase in the Syrian conflict makes the anti-ISIS war look like a stroll in the park,” said Bilal Saab, an expert at the Washington-based Middle East Institute. “This has the potential to turn into a regional war.”

That should keep the hairies of both factions, Vlad, and the Turks busy filling their own body bags rather than ours for a fair few years!

We'll done the Don and his generals!


In the Middle East, mercs are hard to rely on. Kind of like Afghans.

Miss Mayfly, I can't be sure but perhaps it was Yvette Walters? I never heard that she had turned pro.

That's her! I was just astounded! I'm not sure that she has turned pro, I suspect she got a bit part from one of the other pros that we had in our midst (I mean, it was hard to distinguish when you were around, ahem cough cough).

Don't forget, there is a part of "Goodnight Sweetheart" which shall ever be mine...or at least my back's.....

Mayfly, you remind me of my one and only appearance on national TV, some time around 1959. I was undergoing parachute training at Abingdon and the BBC turned up to film some of the activities, one of which was to dangle a man from a high tower by wire and then release it so that he hit the ground at roughly the same speed as a parachute descent. I was the man chosen to dangle! Of course, I instantly found a 'phone box (this was 1959, remember!) and rang my Mum to tell her that her son would be on 'the telly' and not to miss it. Alas, when I watched it in barracks the next day, it was a long distance shot so I was about the size of a dead fly on the screen! So all that practising a plucky, clenched half-smile was wasted. Story of my life, really!

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