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Sunday, 25 February 2018


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Via NW David:

"Kim Il-sung admired the Reverend Graham. Special comment. One of the little-known oddities of North Korean leadership is that Kim Il-sung was an admirer of the late Reverend Graham. Graham made two trips to North Korea, in 1992 and in 1994. He had a personal visits with Kim Il-sung and the two were photographed together. Graham’s trips were at Kim’s request. In 1994, Kim reportedly asked Reverend Graham to pray for him. It was rumored that Kim Il-sung became a closet Christian convert before he died."

"Reverend Franklin Graham visited North Korea in 2009, but did not meet Kim Chong-il."

No comments yet from Dennis Rodman.

Good grief, JK, who the hell is potty enough to invite Billy Graham, not once but twice?! Oh, Kim Il-sung - 'nuff said!

Well my ol' pal David you ever wondered where the US/UK "Special Relationship" had its origins?

(This is you'd David admit "The Sunday Rumble"?)

Our United States Navy versus y'all Royal Navy (don't tell SoD)?


Oh and incidentally David if you know, where's Bob?

Rev. Graham was born and raised about an hour and a half from me. You would need to Google his bio for a summary of his long life and world evangelism. The America that produced him is gone sadly, replaced with a degenerate culture careening out of control and long crashed through the guard rails.

Well, Whiters, where-of I know naught (or next to naught), I speak naught!

Mr. Xi, a practicing communist and now a practicing capitalist, is now a practicing dictator and all that goes with it. At some future date, the forever collision between communism and capitalism---Cain and Able---will happen. Could be what the Chinese dislike most, disharmony.

re Matt, when Max Hastings was Editor of the Evening Standard, David English wanted him to lure Matt to the Daily Mail. So he offered a "king's ransom". Three weeks later, Matt wrote back that even though the offer was £150,000 more than he was getting at the Telegraph, he had to say no because he was happy at the Telegrpah. An amazing man.


Your Brit skepticism is on target. Rev. Billy was a rabid anti-communist who urged Nixon to commit war crimes during Vietnam. He wanted Tricky Dick to use nukes to destroy the flood control dikes in North Vietnam and drown tens of thousands of civilians. Even Henry Kissinger was appalled.

Well all I can hope where any "Thank yous very much" betwixt the Australians and the Israelis is that, relations don't turn out as our's after the Russians warned us to issue a BOLO for one Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Would you be surprised Bob to find Henry Kissinger advised "a tactical nuke" be used on the Mosul Dam (Iraq)?

Where'd he get such an idea gee I wonder?


Kissinger had more sense in the past. He also stopped a drunk Nixon from nuking North Korea:

Oh that he'd desisted back then Bob.

But then, History's littered with lost opportunities.

Not so sure, JK. You know how when you wake up from a drunk and the fog clears enough to remember something you're really, really sorry about? Imagine trying to sober up while Chinese ICBMs are headed your way.

Julia Gillard, of course, was the incomprehensible PM of Australia,
a.k.a. "Ranga".
She is in a hotly contested competition to be the worst PM in our 118 year history of Federation.
Not to hear her awful voice droning on and on in some news item is just bliss.

Unfortunately, Ms Gillard has left us with "going forward", a stupid phrase she uttered something like 40 times in her first speech as PM. Politicians (and lots of otherwise normal people) still say it constantly and it gives me the creeps. Reminds me of the Ranga every time I hear the rotten words. UggggHhhhh!

Your small epistle about a crotchety piece of electronics reminded me of my dealings with my late brother, who was famous for his complete lack of knowledge of things mechanical and electrical.

His exploits in the world of D.I.Y. were legendary in our family; such as the proud boast that he had changed the batteries in his doorbell, and it only took him two hours!

His finest utterance was on the subject of wine; he had been persuaded to buy a different brand of booze at the supermarket, and he had tried to get the cork out of the bottle for twenty-seven minutes before learning that the bottle had a screw-top!

I still miss him, if only for the laughs I got while advising him, remotely, of course, as he lived in Slough and I in Durham. He once called about his shower. He said that the shower wasn't working, and 'the round thing' (the shower pump which I had installed) was just making noises, and no water was coming through the shower. I told him to switch everything off, then get a stiff scrub brush and clean the shower head, as London water is chronically 'hard'. He did this, switched back on; and lo-and-behold; the shower worked correctly. He then asked, and I think I quote from memory: "How did you know what to do?"

Mike, I have just tried to imagine what life would have been like had your brother and I shared a flat! A living proof, methinks, of the 'Uncertainty Principle' in action!

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