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Monday, 05 February 2018


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David, this is what is going on big picture-

The "what happens" is taking place in spite of the above. Pretty amazing!

Thanks for that, Whiters, an exceedingly thought-provoking article/speech. Also, some of the comments were shrewd. Where will it end - and how?

The idea of a "cold civil war" is popular across the political spectrum, but is only part of the picture. Nixon's promoters of the Southern Strategy, especially Pat Buchanan and later Lee Atwater, put that in motion and it succeeded; turning the once solid Democratic South into a solid Republican South.

At least as important are the effects of the end of the post-war boom and economic dislocations of globalization. They've both caused a lot of anger in America and plenty of opportunity for partisan bickering. Over-the-top partisanship is historically baked in to American politics, though, and the current problems will eventually morph into a new set. It's hard to believe now, but Trump will eventually be just another footnote.

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