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Tuesday, 06 February 2018


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David, with you gone, we will be without adult supervision!

Brexit seems to have driven Anna Soubry over the edge so we may as well conclude that she was pretty close to begin with.

G'day Whitewall. What made you think we had adult supervision with Duffers on board?

He has the happy knack of rolling a mine off the stern and then standing off to watch everyone react.

Don't get snowed in Duffers or the site may turn into anarchy.

It's OK, Whitewall, I am keeping an eye on everyone, lol! I see "The Iconoclast" has a piece about Mr Rees-Mogg which painted him in a good light.

I'm glad you are there! No telling what could happen here!

AussieD...Take heart!

The Moggman is fked ...

Take your pick from the above. The cat's out of the bag. The government's own assessment shows the cataclysmic impact of hard Brexit.

And soft Brexit shows less than a break-even and no political voice compared to being in the EU.

Now you see why May chose the bespoke option, it was her only way of spinning out of the "no win" situation of hard and soft Brexit.

But the EU won't give her a bespoke option, unless she greases their palm, industry by industry, maybe.

And if we stay in or re-join, the terms will be worse than we had.

Brexit was like wriggling in a straitjacket: You're going nowhere, and when you relax back all you've done is make the bed sores worse.


When did you start believing the Government SoD?

The raedwell blog has a good plece copied from the Telegraph. Bugger the paywall!

Sorry. Raedwald.

Delusion is an extraordinary thing ...

The areas that voted for Brexit are the ones to be worst affected by it.

There must surely be another referendum now. And not just on the various choices of Brexit options, but including staying in the EU.

When it comes to staying in the EU, Blighty could go for Dave Cams terms, the EU might just go for it if the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Austrians, and Hungarians can kick up enough stink to make it look like it's falling apart. Getting Blighty back in would be a feather in the EU's cap. Then we could side with the rebels and kick Juncker, Merkel, and Macron into touch once and for all with a rightist putsch of the executive positions in Brussels and everlasting containment of the "Franco-German racket. D-Day and Waterloo in one glorious finale!

Even if the EU refuses Dave Cam's terms, we can fall back onto the pre-existing terms - with even more justification for defending our friends, improving our lot, and kicking Frankish arse.


Sod I really don't think so. We saw time and time again that reforming the eu from within is impossible.

The only countries with any traction are france and deutschland. All the others are window dressing.

I should have thought that was obvious.

The only way to reform it is to try and smash it and get the russians to invade berlin again, if necessary.

Oh, and if you believe the treasury report bollocks written by a bunch of sullen remoaner scum, then I've a bridge to sell you from dover to calais.

Tootle pip.

Blighty + the US run by the Don + the Intermarium (Nordics and Ost Bloccers)


France + Germany

With the Club Medders neutral (heart with us, but grasped by their Euro currency nuts in the clenched fists of Merkel and Macron).

Been there before. We always win.

I'm for doing it with hot air on the inside.

You're for doing it old-style on the outside with the risk of escalation from mere hot air to history repeating itself, or, for sticking your head in the sand, depending on whichever Brexit fraction you're in.



Trump really likes Macron's wife and French parades so, you know, don't count on him. Are any of you Brits or Aussies coming to our Bastille Day May Day parade?

Well if Mutti Merkel hasn't been a great enough tragedy on her own, her new "coalition" partner may drive Germany around the bend:

Are any of you Brits or Aussies coming to our Bastille Day May Day parade?

G'day Bob. Bit far but I'd love to. Your Armed Services have a lot to be proud of.

Amongst the people I know, I don't know anyone who fancies SoD's vision of the UK being locked in some ginormous struggle with the Franco-German alliance, or any other alliance. Personally, I would like us to adopt the porcupine policy.

Well BOE, y'all generally,

It would appear "SoD has friends" (of a sort)

You tell 'em SoD!

JK, I just read that link and I do believe that woman who wrote it is offering a disgusting excuse laden invitation to cultural and political suicide. She says no one is responsible for the actions of their ancestors? She is lying. Post modern "progressives" are about nothing less than that very application of blame and responsibility. In a phrase, White Privilege = being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by folks who accept no responsibility for the acts of their children.

G'day AussieD. I'm as proud of our military as anyone, but a parade only to show off it off is unusual for the United States:

The French probably have theirs to remember when they were a great military power. Given his past remarks, Trump's seems like an expensive "my missile is bigger than your's" show.

Indeed, Whitewall, I was thinking of popping over to France and demanding Blood money from any Frenchman who might have had an ancestor who could have murdered mine. Then again, maybe I'm related.....

Waaayyylll Whitewall,

"She says no one is responsible for the actions of their ancestors?"

You did note the lady ranged for her broadside first, by laying a thick plaster of "colonial crimes" (and the source of that Marmite is?) before going on to finish her polemic?

She, like somebody else, "enjoys it both ways"?

JK, yes I caught it! She was doing "buffet" blaming which is how today's guilt/identity politics roll.

Mayfly, careful if you go over to France, don't look too close!


I can't divine the truth of why "He Who for Whatever is Nonetheless Our Commander-in-Chief" decided a military parade was just the thing but, too I noted that young Norkie Commander-in-Chief went ahead with his (without, apparently, any of his "Loyal Opposition" issuing even the slightest of snorts).

Mebbe military parades are just things Commanders-in-Chief do by way of comparisons - you should know Bob afterall - You show me yours and ...


According to news reports Trump was impressed when he saw the Bastille Day parade in France last July and wanted to have something like it here. Not everyone in the Pentagon or Congress thinks it's a good idea and he might not get the funding. No big deal, it's just kinda funny since he already made a remark about having a "bigger button" than the Norkie. Maybe he'll want to saddle up a missile and wave at the crowd.

Well Bob, I've not bothered with the Whys 'cause I'd thought the idea goofy from the get-go.

Firstly - where'd be the appropriate place to stage such - down Pennsylvania Avenue, nope too cold there an' the almighty congestion? Sacramento maybe, no too much risk of wildfire or infection of the troops comin' into contact with the hepatitised homeless? Kansas, nobody notices anything from Kansas?

'Bout all I could come up with would maybe be Area 51 but then, where'd the requisitely security-cleared audience come from?

(The Pentagon has probably got a dusty study laid about some'eres tho')

JK, Area 51 is a very great idea. Just imagine the conspiracy theories!

Very coherent and well written that link JK.

I'm pretty clear she's saying the past - colonial exploits, race massacres, etc. - should be blamed on those who perpetrated the acts in the past and not on those in the present, unless they seek to repeat them.

That's pretty clear.

By trying to obfuscate such a clear and precise statement only goes to show the nervousness and guilt of the authoritarian right.

The authoritarian left do similar things when trying to twist and turn and spin their way out of their connection to the murders of 120,000,000 people in the 20th century.

Who says authoritarian right and left don't join up at the bottom apex of Nolan's chart?


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