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Thursday, 08 March 2018


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Well, with a name like that, the holder could only be a diplomat or javelin catcher on the track and field team.

I've read this before somewhere and it always makes me chuckle. Maybe it's the beautifully understated English, or maybe just the beauty of the prose.

To put this into context, Sir Archibald Clerk Kerr was our Ambassador in Moscow.

Whitewall, that is why being British is important mainly because we have a sense of humour during adversity.
For your information the Democrat Joe Kennedy 111 was interviewed on our Chanel 4 News tonight.
It looks like the Mafia are back. And he is a good talker. Just wondering if he is being groomed. He did say he was not interested in being a runner for President. But they all say that.

Joe K. III? The one who drooled trough his "rebuttal" to the SOTU speech? HE is being groomed to run for POTUS? We ought to be in pretty safe hands, then, or, perhaps, God is showing His sense of humour once again.

The Kennedys breed for looks, not brains, and, while they sometimes get both, there are numerous and notable exceptions. With due apologies to your current Queen, who appears to be an exception to this rule of human husbandry,the Kennedy's demonstrate the folly of dynasties.

Michael, Our Queen is an exceptional person who rules by consent.

Good morning Jimmy. That is one of the many things that is so admirable about the British- a touch of humor, even gallows humor at moments of peril. Humor can be a great psychological boost to the spirit and morale. No one does it better.

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