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Friday, 09 March 2018


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No doubt, Italianer abruptly retired to his dacha in the South. The line up along the EU Politburo wall changed abruptly leaving the mass media marveling at the skill with which it happened.

There is something sort of familiar about this. Goose Stepping lessons all 'round?

It's happening because you got us outta here.

You've surrendered Europe to a Russo-German pact. Why wouldn't they be consolidating their victory now you got Blighty to do a Dunkirk runner?

Talk about history repeating itself.

You read all those effing history books, but still you don't geddit!


And you seriously think that if we had not voted for Brexit we would have altered this outcome?

I think, SoD, you should try reading more history books!

"And you seriously think that if we had not voted for Brexit we would have altered this outcome?"

So why hasn't this putsch happened in the last 45 years? Why has it happened just now, 18 months after the Brexit vote?

Why have all these EU things been put frozen for 45 years now become active? ...

- A European army.
- Rejection of NATO.
- Detente and economic interdependence with Russia.
- Rejection of America and the wider Anglo-sphere.

Correlation is not causation. But, it is corroboration - of my theory, not yours.

It is patently obvious we're going to have to fight this war from the outside now, instead of the inside. Now that was your choice.

Let's see how easy it is to reverse those four time-honoured geo-political Blighty nightmares from the outside, when it was observably do-able and done for 45 years on the inside.


The grip has tightened slowly but inexorably - obviously you haven't noticed - or cared!

Anyway, if that's the way they want to go then, well, bon chance and all that sort of thing but we're outta here!

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