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Saturday, 31 March 2018


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David, our betters are trying their hand at a Brave New World. Diversity has somehow been bastardized to mean quality and the enemy of quality, ironically, is equality. These betters of ours will soon catch themselves up in their own rules and I'm betting they won't like their weird new world.

Well if this form of diversity produced better products (films in this instance) then it would be standard practice. Since it is not standard practice those producers (of anything) who focus on ability will clean up.

I just cannot wait to see the remake of Waterloo with Napoleon played by a Central African Pygmy and Wellington by a transvestite Eskimo. Absolutely riveting it would be.

I'd have placed that elsewhere but, until your check (cheque) David reaches me I dare not tempt the Royal Prosecution.

Not unusually, JK, your contribution was fascinating, er, if you're into American criminal history, that is, but, alas, as so often before, I remain confused. Also I failed to catch a mention of Barney Magroo's grand-pappy!

Barney's Grandpap is a Congressman David. Can't go too lightly on Congress-Critters!

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