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Friday, 30 March 2018


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Suddenly, 'Joe Bloggs' was as 'entitled' as any nobleman! You can instantly see the attraction of that to the lower orders who would have seized it with enthusiasm.

True, and you can also see how one great pillar of our civilisation - the presumption of the moral or spiritual equality of all people - owes such a huge debt to Christianity and the culture it created. Without that, might means right.

It's ironic that many of those who pretend to be champions of the poor and oppressed are those who attack our Christian heritage. I've no problem with those who merely don't believe in a Christian God (I'm one of them myself!) but those who are ignorant of our debt to Christianity show themselves to be ignorant.

Karl Marx got one thing right when he wrote this "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people". It of course contains the core reason that all religions which includes secular ideologies were able to obtain traction with most of us. If you cannot believe in the here after then if you still have that empty feeling that there is nothing good for you in this life then you can turn to socialism or one of its splinter groups, the Liberals or the progressives with their promises of Utopia in the here and now. We even have our own modern day JC make him prime minister and surely the world will become a wonderful place for us all to live in.

OT, just to mention that there is a version of Hamlet recorded live at the Almeida Theatre last year on BBC 2 tonight.


Alas, 'Epikouros', when you boil politics and religion down to the absolute basics, it's all to do with the nature of the 'Peeps' (dread word!), their hopes, their fears, their yearnings, their stupidities and so on. Still, what the 'Peeps' have done and continue to do is the stuff of some terrific plays, such as the "Hamlet" that Mike points us to tonight. Thanks, Mike, although having read some notes on this production, my finger will be poised on the 'Off' button of my 'do-flicker-thingie' device!

Christianity isn't an inspiration to everyone:


If you'd rather save your pennies all you need do is read up on the hows and whys of Constantine's success at Battle of the Milvian Bridge and his subsequent "rise up the ranks" (so to speak) managing Napoleon-like to thus be able to dictate to "his people."

There now David but NO! Don't go telling me I'll "get my reward in heaven" 'cause anyway, the conversion rates up there are positively extortionate and besides, Saint Peter'll demand it in gold. And as I understand it anyway, I won't have any pockets to carry the stuff around in - I can't carry on a proper defense-before-the-bench without the free use of my hands.

Check (cheque) in the mail as was our original terms David!


You're on the mark about Constantine and eventually the Roman Empire being a pretty good PR outfit for Jesus, but it would be more fun to read in hillbillinese. Finish your prescription and get well soon.


Not wishing to alarm anybody unduly (as if) the "get well" while appreciated isn't exactly appropriate. A little problem with my bp owning to, as my regular VA doc asserts, its something to do with my girlfriend who, as it happens happens to be down in Florida owing to her youngest getting married.

"Get well soon" isn't probably ain't gonna work out neither as I gotta pick her up at the Bill & Hillary National Airport in Little Rock somewheres in the neighborhood of 24 hours from (adjusted to GMT) now.

Generally speaking Bob, "I'm fine" but was somewhat apprehensive a'cause the only place I could put her (the girlfriend) on an airplane landing anywheres near MacDill AFB, owing to I suspect, Bill & Hill, got me somehow on the Deplorables No-Fly List which in turn caused "some delays" owing to my support of, and again I can only suspect, Trump.

But I was "nice & polite" when the dogs appeared to sniff the vehicle I happened to be travelling in. Usually I travel (air) by another route in which instances I don't have to fuck with/be fucked with the goddamned tsa. There's a bunch of holdovers from the previous administration[s] who aren't particularly fond of me nor me of them.

Those instances "sometimes" affect my bp - generally speaking only when I know Cody Shearer is very likely in my near vicinity. (He's always insisting I do a "double or nothing" at Snooker. I however always insist on a table far away from Slick Willy's. His "cheering cohort" never it seems, is inclined to visit a 9th Street pool hall.

Can't imagine why.

Yet again, JK, you are an education, a bit like the Dead Sea Scrolls but you require rather closer translation!

JK, be discrete enough that Shearer doesn't give his file on you to some Brit ex spy. Everyone should stay away from Bill, as Hillary found out during the election. My money's on Melania to bolt first, though. If memory serves most of the TSA gang are Bush II holdovers hell bent on taking all fun out of air travel.

Discrete or discreet Bob?

Needn't upset yo'sef if you cain't reply 'cause in 8 minutes I'm off again to the airport.


It works either way, though "discrete" is normally an adjective. You're more into style than I'd imagined.

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