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Saturday, 03 March 2018


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'You bet your sweet bippy'

Was Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In on British telly back in the 1960's and '70's? I've never heard that phrase anywhere else.

I think Benny Hill used it a time or two.

"Take it away Goldie"... then a golf swing, then a bloke in a German helmet saying - fag in hand - 'So you think that's funny; thnk about it..."!

Great humour, not allowed on the awful BBC these days, but old sods like me remember ...

Rowan & Martin were televised on a Sunday night in the UK. I seem to recall they did a window opening with heads popping out and some quick quotes. Goldie Hawn rings a bell!

On a more important note I have to say that Mrs May has conducted herself in a diplomatic courtious manner over Brexit. However the various opposition are a disgraceful bunch of crap who have used every means to undermine negotiations even implying the threat of a return to violence in Northern Ireland. The Pro EU mob are scraping the bottom of the barrel in desperation.
Corbyn who has always been against the EU and the former EEC has now backtracked.
Well what do you expect from a chancer.

Maybe she has been watching the Moggman. That speech seems unequivocal in its expectations for the UK and has a levelled inducement on the table for the pragmatic other heads of state to beat the EUssr politbureau with.
Come today Brexit could be the second division to Italexit.

May be a bit naive of me but why do you have to negotiate leaving. Why not just "we're outa here dangles, best of luck".

Up front she's sticking to the "mixing desk" Brexit, cherry-picking, three-baskets, call it what you will. Stuff hard and soft Brexit.

Her power is a wonderfully curious form, someone should really investigate it. She's like the clutch between gearbox and engine, the two hard and soft Brexit factions of the Tory party and Blighty. The gearbox and engine know if they ditch the clutch the two will tear themselves apart. So the "Plucky Little Clutch" holds court via "Mutual Assured Destruction" of her two hard and soft Brexit opponents.

Behind the scenes, May knows it's Merkel who calls the shots. When the Kaiserin staggers back onto the stage shackled to coalition "partners", she'll be the one to decide whether "mixing desk Brexit" gets a thumbs up or down. That's why May keeps asking her "Make me an offer", aka, "Signal me - thumbs up or down, bitch".

There's way too much uncertainty in Europe for an unequivocal answer from the Kaiserin this early. The status quo of Blighty still in and paying but with no political say-so is too attractive to want to move away from in a hurry. If May comes under pressure, a long and protracted faux-negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement, aka a mixing-desk / cherry-pick Brexit, can follow-on, drip-feeding false progress to keep hard and soft Brexit factions off May's back. Even if an FTA was earnest it would take a decade anyway. At any time the negotiations can always be made to breakdown if this deceitful thumbs-up needs to turn to thumbs-down due to unfolding circs in europe.

Long slog this one.


Interesting write up and comment. Let Britain be British and that will drive Brussels stark raving mad! My grandfather used to tell me that God put that channel there for a reason.

G'day Whitewall.

That narrow strip of water has arguably been the most significant obstacle to totalitarianism in the last 900 plus years. Certainly the last 200.

AussieD, that is true!

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