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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


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Their recent population ioncrease might bring a need to transliterate "yerdie-durble-durble- yerdle" into Arabic . . . . .


Near as I recall The Jannie. I could probably done better had you asked for Farsi - But then again y'alls proscribing us (relatively) English-Speakers by Law.

The Yerdie - durbles would be better off doing something about the internal menace of the "Allah runs a gay bar" mob than worrying about Vlad the Impaler. Solve that one and Vlad is hardly a challenge.

Shootout at Lone Rock (Makes for a good Westerns title don't it?)

The desperado steals a tractor and achieving speeds of up to (downhill) fifteen (15) miles per hour - Baxter County (Arkansas) Deputy Craig Gates already engaged in and well-placed at a convenience store and gas station (combined) taking a report on an apparently unrelated theft of two (big) bags of Doritoes Corn Chips receives a radio call alerting Deputy Gates that, "BOLO! Texas Desperado Michael Lavelle Holliman possibly armed with a crossbow was last seen driving a reported stolen tractor and - if you'll wait about twenty (20) minutes [and finish your coffee and donuts] You Have the Option of Giving Chase!"

Moral of the story?

Don't fuck around stealing something that only goes 15 miles per hour when an Arkansas Cop is eating donuts on your escape route and it takes you 20 minutes to get to where he can shoot your ass!

I knew it was a mistake to give you that crossbow for your birthday!!

Don't tell me, JK, that it was all part of your birthday celebrations!

Crossbow would be a "culture appropriation" wouldn't it? Even in Arkansas.

Happy belated JK. I figure if I had been on time with the wishes, you wouldn't have remembered.

Oh Missred that we could've met in our prime ...

That we ought've and missed our chance we can but put to Fate's Failings.

(What're you doing Missred when I have to meet a Frontier Flight outta SGF near about as I can tell, fifteen or so minutes following me doing a "let off" and me enjoying a 72 hour layabout - in a condo I have an "interest in" as I await the MCO authorities delivering back sometime around thereafter (quick as I can complete "lapping my jellied donuts") in order to complete my assignment?

You know Missred - you want to see the Ozarks.

I'm up for it - yourself?

(March 30th to April 2nd.)

JK, behave yourself! This is a highly intellectual and academic blog dealing with the intricacies of international politics, strategy and philosophy - not a dating agency!!!!

(Anyway, if Miss Red intends meeting anyone it will be me, of course!)

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