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Tuesday, 06 March 2018


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David, Jesus was killed by the mob, allegedly.

You sure he wasn't just there to measure up the curtains ?

Interesting article. Maybe Islam can learn to be more tolerant and Christianity a little less?

I would like to see this work, a little more tolerance and libertarianism is no bad thing. Sadly, I feel there are too many vested interests who would want to see this initiative fail. That's the problem with being realistic, one is aware of how malevolent humans can be.

Wow. What a concept, what a vision. I too hope he lives a long life - he's really hit on the one thing that could change their society - offer all the advantages of 20th Century living and let them speak for themselves. The older people may hate it but I suspect the young will embrace it.

Another triumph for Donald Trump!

"I suspect the young will embrace it"
Women especially.

Has he been notified what he'll have left when the oil's gone or is no longer the number one commodity on the planet? Our betters - their opinion - are already decreeing that the joke car will take over at some fantasy point in the future and we'll no longer be allowed the ones which don't have to haul around a ton of battery to travel fifty miles.

You'll recall (????) David, my averring "it's been going on ever since you began posting about the likelihood of the Israelis striking Iran"?

MbS you may be aware is the most likely candidate to've purchased that da Vinci that was sold at auction not so long ago?

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