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Saturday, 24 March 2018


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Needless to say I still have doubts.

Novichok y'all may've learned was what was used against Kim Jog Nam (Kim Jong Un's elder brother) at the Malaysian airport.

Two delish snippets of info that construe an intriguing plot line ...

First, Skripal's mate says Skripal wrote to Putin asking for forgiveness and to be able to return to Russia (McMafia storyline or what!) ...

Vlad denies receiving the letter. However, Vlad did send a delegation to London two months ago with offers of forgiveness for exiles and enemies in exchange for repatriating their wealth to Russia. So maybe Skripal latched onto that. And maybe the delegation's purpose was not sincere. They were really only interested in fishing for a victim to poison to start the scandal to test the West's solidarity in the new Trump Brexit era. Skripal was the perfect applicant for the job!

Second, the Current Bun is reporting that Skripal and Yulia's phones were switched off for four hours during the poisoning event. ...

Perhaps a nice little meet-up was arranged with Vlad's agents to formalize Skripal's pardoning with a celebratory toast to Mother Rooshia - and boom, a gobbet of Novichok gel on the glasses or in the vodka!

This would match the pattern of Litvinenko's murder, albeit with the experience gained that lighting up London with gamma radiation along the routes walked by the agents is a bit of a give away, and another less observable substance should be used instead.



Ref your links JK ...

Hence my "I've got a very bad feeling about Trump meeting Rocket Man" comment earlier.

Trump's germicidal tendencies might stand him in good stead, of course, no shaking hands with anyone etc.


Also JK,

Your link's info about VX appears false.

It is a liquid ...

And there's no credible evidence that Novichok was used to assassinate Kim Jong-Nam.

You seem quite keen on your Rooskie stooges these days, if I may say: The Heffalump and the douche of the audiboom links.

Your silence in the Alexey scrap was deafening too.


Here's your new best mate from your audioboom links, JK, giving it some on RT ...

An Ozzie as well.

With friends like you lot, Mutti and Juncker look even more appealing ...


SoD, will you please stop misappropriating the nickname 'Heffalump' which is mine, all mine, and is reserved for references to Mr. Simon Heffer, one of my favourite commentators.


I don't know where Richard obtained his information but here's his comment from the 19th;

Whether Novichok was simply employed as it was at that moment "fashionable/easy" to offer up because the Russians undoubtedly created it (indeed their experts have said as much) or whether your government was still stumbling 'round in the dark I wouldn't conjecture.

Still - even if the agent was/is the analyzed explanation VX as you say, don't you reckon "its possible" the responsible entity cooking up the batch coulda been just about any competent chemist?

I fully admit "it mighta indeed been the work of Putin" but my only (well not, only) objection/reservation in assigning definitive blame to a specific culprit was mighty damn quickly ascertained.

Your government been similarly quick to settle on how to accomplish Brexit, your DHS, any other thing that you might provide me as such a stellar example?

I sure as hell can't think of a single thing my government has accomplished quickly except for maybe some stuff that's turned out very very wrong - A competent strategy for Afghanistan but one example.

Y'alls government reckoned Libya pretty quick - how'd that turn out?


I note the Litvinenko inquiry took ten years.">">

And yet the most recent "has been solved irrefutably" within a month?">">">">

Hopefully that'un won't land anybody on an 'Error 404'


Well mebbe the Beeb is good for something?!!!


The likely reason the Litvinenko case took so long is because the Tory party receives yuuuge donations from Rooskie oligarchs and Blighty benefits from even yuuuger dollops of oligarch cash in the finance industry.

Which, in case you hadn't noticed, is another good reason why Blighty is the least likely suspect on the whodunnit list. Why would HMG instigate an action that might lead to Blighty losing a chunk of its finance industry and the Tory party a chunk of its funding!?

On the other hand, which state is currently under sanctions and suffering (see Putin's - ooops, giveaway - election manifesto which is focused entirely on the domestic economy) and could really do with the repatriation of oodles of wonga?

The "gain motives" are worth looking at, I grant you, in fingering the culprit, but the Gaffer's two points about the UK state are the clincher: -

(1) The UK media are itching to find any dirt on a current government and are free to do so.

(2) The opposition in Blighty's functioning democracy are likewise inclined and free to do so.

Neither are the case in Russia.

In fact the Litvinenko case proves to their government that they can get away with nuclear and chemical weapons use in Blighty without challenge from their own media and opposition, or any serious sanctions from the wider world of powers.

Such unfettered, unregulated power will inevitably be the likely culprit in such cases as the Skripal poisonings.

Sniff around the alternative facts by all means, but you'll have to do better than that douche Ozzie Russian stooge.


And while we're only the subject of Russian stooges, let's see what the Don comes up with today ...

That'll be signal worth taking note of and inwardly digesting.


I smell the blood of a Roosh-ee-an!
And my name is: John Bolton! ... "

60 Rooskies out on their ear!

Yeee-haaaar! Whaddaya think of that, Pootie-Poo?!

Next up: Nord Stream 2 cancellation and LNG terminals installed all around the coast of Blighty and the EU.

The good ol' swamp is filling back up nicely after all.

Trump a puppet of the swamp, and a Brexit so diluted you'd hardly know we'd left.

All courtesy of Pootie-Poo!



Ooooh, now look at this here! Proper hand-bags at dawn ...

Russia has "an historic surprise for Boris Johnson and everyone" on account of BoJo comparing Pooti-Poo's Russia to the Third Reich - the annexation of Crimea being like the Sudetenland - and this "historic surprise" will be revealed on Thursday!

Bloody hell I can't wait until then, you Rooskie bastards, this is worse than having to wait until the next season of Game of Thrones!

But I bet y'all a digital pint I know what it is: England will be booted out of the World Cup.

And that will be the second great mistake that Pootie-Poo has made this year, because Blighty's national humiliation that occurs every four years at the WC (if we're unlucky enough to qualify) will be avoided. So if he thought he was doing Blighty some damage he's got it all wrong - it's a bloody great favour that will only raise Blighty's national morale through the Summer months!


Well SoD, you're being mighty convenient,

"(1) The UK media are itching to find any dirt on a current government and are free to do so."

I'd suggest you pay a visit to these shores and tune in (well CNN already enjoys a monopoly in airports so you won't need tune anything) to watch Trump getting dumped on. Or, just read Bob for the CliffsNotes version which, I'd suggest, relieves you of both the tedium and the airfare.

Far as Trump expelling Russians I'd as well suggest "Because they're here and convenient!" You'll recall too I daresay Trump owing to, largely, that same tedious media refrain has become Predictable.

Not so in the early days when, I'd suggest, Trump flighted 59 Tomahawk TLAMs onto a Syrian-hosted Russian airbase 'cause he was miffed at being constantly barraged with, "Putin's Puppet!"

You'll note my above, "I fully admit it mighta indeed been the work of Putin" but my inbuilt tendency to not "just lay back and accept The Narrative" reminds me of something y'all Brits probably have a counterpart to and that'd be, in my country's case, The Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Sputnik and TASS are Pootie-Pooping their pants over Denmark and Nord Stream 2 ...

C'mon you Vikings, screw the renaissance man in you and get medieval on Pootie-Poo's ass! A good old fashioned siege of Russia, with trebuchets and catapults, that's what we want!



Just so you don't think I'm only interested in dumping on Trump, here's something good to say about him: His tax cuts were a smart political move and have given him a boost in approval. I'll even predict his numbers will make it into the mid 40's as long as the economy keeps moving along.

Bob, you know I don't actually think that.


Even if we were in the same room I couldn't read your mind. If I'd had enough rye I might think I could, though. Come to think of it, without the dialect I'm not even sure it's you.

Well then to assure you how's 'bout all I do Bob is type, "the archives!"

(There is mebbe a small issue I'd admit - 'cause of a med I'm taking I've gone eight days without a beer! Not even a single single malt. Barney's taking it particularly bad.)

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