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Tuesday, 27 March 2018


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Europe, with the possible exception of the Visegrads, is a cut flower.

What is so sad is that having survived, and recovered robustly from, millennia of internal war, and even the military predations of its external foes, this towering civilization is dying now of nothing more than self-loathing and cultural exhaustion.

Yes, there are signs of an awakening -- but it is all too late, I fear, and the continent has passed the point where any of this can be reversed without sanguinary unpleasantness.

The saddest part: it needn't have been this way. Simple common sense might have prevented it all.


For every German citizen that sees the problems and their causes, there will be a mentally defective Leftist ready to call him a far right fascist. Right thinking Germans are facing two enemies. As a matter of fact, we all are.

They face the most dangerous enemy of all.

Thank you, Gentlemen, I will try to get round to your links tomorrow.

Off-topic but the author David is a US Navy Captain.

I got a feeling Bob's gonna chime in.

Duffers. Playing devil's advocate I'm not sure if this a wholly bad thing. Let's face it while the Germans as individuals are charming intelligent hardworking and generally decent; en masse they have been known to create a few problems going beyond leaving their towels all over the best positioned deck chairs and usually beating England at footy.

THey might have produced Beethoven, Bach, Goethe, Heisenberg and Martin Luther, and doubtless many other Individuals but collectively there is a problem with the German Psyche.

The great individuals will hopefully still emerge but I would shed no tears for a watering down of the German mentality as a nation.

However I doubt it will work out like that, and there is likely to be significant strife between now and then - as others have said, it can't end well. And not for us either

Mind you rereading my comment it is obvious that I overlooked the rather large elephant in the room, which is that whatever replaces the German psyche we now know will likely be even worse problem for all of us.

So much for trying to play devil's advocate and ending up looking like a dick!

The Visegrads are screwed unless John Bolton can ram this back up the Jerry's proverbial from whence it came ...,Germany-approves-Nord-Stream-2-gas-pipeline



Bolton is good at ramming and has always been a hard liner on the Russians. That's good, but we should hope they'll keep him completely occupied. He was one of the driving forces behind the Iraq War.


I agree. Bolton is an unrepentant neocon. (I am a repentant one, so I know how to spot 'em.)

We are are playing an extremely dangerous game in our new Cold War with Russia (with whom, in my opinion, we might have had an enormously productive partnership after the collapse of the Soviet regime), and Bolton will do nothing but throw gasoline on the fire.

(Forgive my mixing of metaphors.)

Malcolm Pollack,

Possibly between N Korea, China, Iran (plus several other MENA players) and Russia Bolton will be busy enough to be unable to obsess on any one. We can hope.

Malcolm - a thoughtful post and one which deserves to be widely read.

Given that the eu is always obsessing about the precautionary principle it's rather depressing that in this, one of the most crtiical issues of all, they have been utterly remiss.

Depressing, but not in the least surprising.

Bolton, or someone, needs to get a strategic grip on the US's position on a lot of fronts.

Selling Turkey F-35's when the Rooskies are selling them S-400's? Wtf? ...

Breathing life into Russia's economy with NS2?

Hopefully Bolton will steady the Buffs and straighten up the line.

And if that means some fuel on the fire, so be it. What's Vlad gonna do? He's shot all his bolts already.


C'mon John Bolton, get your bum on that seat and send the US Cavalry into action ...

The Ukies are hanging on by the skin of arse and pleading ...

This NS2 / Ribbentrop -Molotov Pact problem is going to be a damn close run thing.


The Wapo is panicking about the Don wanting to skedaddle from Syria once ISIS is terminated, leaving the Kurds and Sunnis to the mercy of Assad, Iran and Putin, and kissing goodbye to a stack of oil and the regional leverage that goes with it ...

There are two outcomes which mean there's nothing to worry about: -

(1) If the Don is being a bit thick, John Bolton will set him straight.
(2) If the US leaves the region, new pals Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Kurds will immediately fill the void. Now these guys won't pussy-foot around with Putin, Assad, Iran, and the Turks. They'll kick the shit out of them. And not one Marine's bones. Those rumours about the US pulling out of Turkey: Is the Don and his rapidly refilling swamp gonna cut Turkey loose from NATO? Supply the Kurds with Javelin missiles and let them wipe out Erdogan's Leopard 2's? Likewise supply the Sunni Arabs with Javelin missiles and let them wipe out Putin and Assad's T-90's? And let Israel steam across the South of Syria in their impregnable Trophy equipped Merkava's to secure the land-bridge that Iran so desperately wants to get Hezbollah up close and personal to Israel? And is that why an uber-hawk like John Bolton has been hired: To oversee the whole shooting match?

Go for it Uncle Sam. "Go do that voodoo that you do so well!"


Now Haaretz has got a different view ...

Their view is the Palestinian-Israeli issue is a side-show. The US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are looking for the big fish to fry, not the minnows. In its latest stone chucking session, Hama has found out to its cost - a handful of dead protesters - that non-one cares about them anymore. The Saudis blocked an intra-Arab jaw-jaw session on the matter, and the Don blocked a UN session on the matter. What is the Arab for "You are soooo C-list, darling!"?

For the USISA gang, even Syria is B-list. The Kurds have done their job of knocking out ISIS, and are to be unceremoniously dumped and left to the tender mercies of Erdogan and his Leopard 2's - with no Javelin missiles. And the rebel Syrian Sunni Arabs are to be unceremoniously dumped and left to the tender mercies of Assad and Putin's T-90's - also sans Javelins.

Get the feeling this is like the opening moments of a Tsunami, when the sea - that vast ocean of political energy - mysteriously disappears, only to be be followed by a huuuuge wave of focused energy?

So who's the regional A-lister? Iran, of course.

Is the USISA gang about to unleash a huuuuge pre-emptive strike on Iran?

After years of "count the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves" run-of-the-mill Obamarism that has palpably failed, is the absence of such penny-counting the indication that USISA is about to invest in pounds only Tsunami?

Is USISA about to strike the head of the snake? (that's enough metaphors ... Ed).

So in summary, that leaves us with 3 possible options for the ME region ...

(1) Body of snake: Javelins missiles to the Kurds and rebel Syrian Sunni Arabs, Israel into southern Syria to prevent direct Iranian land access to Lebanon and Hezbollah; Assad, Putin and Iran skuffed up at the penny-counting level.

(2) Head of snake: A demand that could never be met by Iran, duly refused, and a preemptive strike; Iran skuffed up at the pound-counting level, and and ergo, Assad and Putin likewise.

(3) Pussy: "The Don and John" turn out to be a pair of pussies, and actually withdraw the US from the ME now that ISIS is knocked out, leaving Israel and Suadi Arabia to their fate.

Which horse do you back?

And have I missed one?

The John officially joins the Don on 9th April.

Let's wait and see. Exciting!!!


Gadzooks, the Wapo is wriggling, snake-like, out of its "count-the-pennies" Obamarist ME policies - disappearing faster than the waters edge in the prelude to a Tsunami! ...

Woken up and smelt some coffee, maybe?

An attack to the head of the snake, with the Dems, Reps, Israel, Saudis, all united, and the "Don and John" leading the charge.

We might be feeling sorry for Iran and Vlad by this time next year.


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