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Friday, 02 March 2018


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"Something along the lines of 'I bet the lazy git has been slumped in front of his 'telly'..."
David, I would never accuse you of being slumped! Slouched, sprawled, or maybe draped...never slumped!

The fourth series of Line of Duty was my first encounter with it and like you I bought the box set. I thought Thandie was superb. As it happened, I was also keen to see Jason Watkins (who was brilliant in W1A) but he didn't make it past the first episode!That I gather is a Mercurio trait - happily knocking off key characters.

Knocking off key characters......also a GOT meme.

Trust you & yours are also bravely battling the drifts of climate change that arrived here on the 1st day of Spring !

Once again, Whiters, you demonstrate your perspicacity, "draped" is spot on!

Mike, Jason Watkins' face was vaguely familiar to me. One of those jobbing actors/'band of brothers' who people our TVs.

David, I eased the back door open against the mountain of frozen snow outside - and then slammed it shut! I just wish those bloody 'Rooskies' would keep their weather to themselves!

Jason Watkins played a blinder in the title role of The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, a two part mini drama on ITV based on true events, who was accused of the murder of a young woman who rented a flat from him. Because he was a bit weird the press had a field day until the real murderer confessed. His role in W1A was again completely different as a scheming weasel who continually bragged about his close relationship with "Tony" (i.e. Lord Hall) sliding away skilfully from any work or responsibility whilst appearing to be genial and helpful.

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