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Thursday, 29 March 2018


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Smith will hopefully be back. Warner hopefully not.

Given the past instances in ball tampering by other nations and the penalties from both the ICC and Cricket Australia for these three I wonder whether, in this case, the penalties far exceed the crime.

On the other hand down here we like our international teams to compete hard but fair and by not doing so they have let not only the team down but also the large number of cricket followers here and such a circumstance is not looked upon kindly.

It is going to take some time for our Test cricketers to redeem themselves in Australian eyes. What other nations think does not bother me as none of the cricketing nations can claim to be squeaky clean.

Chag Sameach all.

Are you still out there TBH?

AussieD, I have not seen or heard from Henry since early January.

Thanks Whitewall.

Hope he is OK

I sent him an e-mail shortly after he disappeared but answer came there none! I do miss his acerbic commentary.

A new Olympic sport is born ...

"Synchronized Crying for the Cameras".

Being a sports fan is truly the most naive, deluded, and truth-detrimental passtime of all passtimes. In these respects it's probably only outranked by being a card carrying member of a political party.

Social services should remove the children from sports fanatical parents who bring their children up to adore this spectacle of lies, false role models, abuse of power, and corruption, it being a sure sign of bad parenting.


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