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Monday, 26 March 2018


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I wonder if the very gay Anderson Cooper might now be tempted to try something a bit better after a close encounter with her? She is what she is but Lord have mercy...she could kick start a Boeing 747!

Besides, none of this is about Stormy at all. It is about the #Resistance. Period.

G'day Whitewall,

As far as the lady is concerned in Naval terms she has an impressive top hamper.

I am somewhat surprised Duffers hasn't already offered her the chance to bear his children.

AussieD, she is indeed built for comfort and making trips to her bank. I suspect our David would collapse if she even winked at him!

David, there's no chance "that's it." Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti is a master of media spin. The 60 Minutes interview has generated much buzz this morning. And while there are at least two big distractions, the important issues of the case revolve around physical and legal threats, the timing and source of the hush money and how it relates to campaign finance laws.

She is indeed interesting to look at, gentlemen, but I can't help comparing her unfavourably with Doris Castlerosse, with whom Churchill embarked on a spot of extra-marital dalliance.

In comparison, Ms. Daniels is revealed to be somewhat less than a true lady.

Are they real, do you think?


In a sense plastic is as real as anything else.

Oh Whitewall I'd humbly suggest you might "tone up" your hillbillianese.

The more descriptive saying my Friend would be:

She could suck-start a Peterbilt 579! (Of course you did include the appropriate exclamation punctuation.)

For those unfamiliar with "doing America's porn-stars highways in style!


"Of course, it must be admitted that Miss Stormy does not come across as the sort of reliable witness on whom you could bet the deeds of your house but even so, that good, ol', Arkie goat, Bill Clinton, seemed to be a much more active participant that Donald."

Hope my description of above didn't overly "fatigue" you.

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