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Friday, 23 March 2018


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He signed it. The base of the party may just stay home in November. We complain about neo communist Democrats and look at this! The military increase was needed but the rest, not so much. You've heard the "uniparty" runs DC? This is it. Goddam the bastards.

I feel your pain!

Whitewall. I have endeared to the President. He is a solid bloke. Our mutual defense will continue.

It's alright. You see it is not their money so they feel no pain.

Politicians are the same the world over - some are just worse than others and it is no different down here.

AussieD, "Dick the Butcher" got the profession wrong with his infamous suggestion about whom to kill off to make the world better.

"Is Trump the most sensible man left in the American government?"


Well, to be more optimistic, one good thing did happen this week in DC...John Bolton was appointed chief NSA adviser. Trump should have chosen Bolton from the start. So, the mustache is in, finally! Hopefully he can clean house so thoroughly within that agency that even the roaches will leave from hunger. Same with Pompeo over at Foggy Bottom.

Note to Jeff Sessions at DOJ, get on the ball bubba.

Whitewall - Bolton was appointed National Security Adviser, nothing do to with the National Security Agency. Bolton has no "agency" to clean, he is part of the National Security Council and serves as an advisor to the President but has no executive authority over anything.

Kammack, "fake news"?

NSC as opposed to NSA. My bad!

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