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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


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It formed part of the basis for the American constitution and scenes from the original 'court case' at Runnymede are carved onto the huge doors to the US Supreme Court.

Rumour has it that Obama had teams of lawyers scouring the document to see what it said about gays and trannies in the military.

You are a very naughty boy, 'W', and you will write out 50 copies of the American Constitution before you can go home!

Can't resist the Handcock question.
Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?
Did she did in vain?

The Court doors recognize the influence on our legal system of Greece, Rome and of course England:

I like Starkey more so because he is not PC and speaks his mind. He has been on BBC Question Time and certainly annoys the PC liberal elite mob.

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