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Saturday, 03 March 2018


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It's all because of KFC's shortage of chicken!

Once they realised that the delicacy would be in short supply, they deliberately kept starving customers away by causing it to snow!

Blimey, our Waitrose nearly ran out of Manchego and Roquefort, so the 4 x 4s stayed at home as well!

Oh Lord! KFC in Britain? As an American, I do apologize. Hopefully the Roquefort stays in full supply and ready for pick up or delivery!

Your treatment of the Memsahib is not only ungentlemanly, it is completely unnecessary in this weather. If you could tell her to unload the contents of the freezer and stack them outside the back door, they will keep perfectly well and spare her the longer journey.

"Ungentlemanly"? Moi?! Actually, 'W', that is a very good idea of yours and I will pass on the suggestion, er, via the in-house 'phone-thingie from up here in my eyrie down to the kitchen!

David, if you do that, you have no means of escape unless there be a window up there.


I feel for you

At the beginning of February we were 2 inches less than the annual average snow fall. By the 20th we were 10 inches over.

Remember the biggest killer from large snowfalls are heart attacks from sudden overstrain. A trip though in unshoveled snow or shoveling the snow is as dangerous a jump with full equipment, and you and your bride or no longer 20 years old. So remind the Memsahib that two trips with less weight is better than one trip trying to take every thing at once.

"10 inches over"!!!! My Gaaaaard, Hank, how do you cope? Good advice in your second paragraph which I have tried to pass on but, for some reason, the intercom to the kitchen doesn't seem to be working!!!

" plenty of food in the freezer at the back of the garage and it's only about 15 yards away so it won't take her long to pull on her snow boots and anorak and trot round to it."
Ha ha! You're a danger to my health, you are!!

36C here yesterday. Just saying. Still the beer is cold.

Is that really you, Hans Jockstrap?
Ex-daredevil extraordinaire?

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