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Monday, 05 March 2018


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I like to think of Italy, geographically anyway, as the plug in the drain pipe of Western Europe. One good pull and watch the swirl!

Geo-politics and plumbing - you have it dead right, Whiters!


Absolutely. Some additional intelligent and informed comments (and I heard that!) can be seen here:

My son visited the south of Italy two years ago, and said that it was a really cheap way to visit Africa and still enjoy the best art in the world. I'm not surprised that Italian voters are cutting up rough. I wonder how strong and determined the Italian right wing will need to get before their European masters sit up and take notice.

Thanks, Cuffers, always good to read some inside info!

A hung parliament is neutral for Juncker and co.

Nothing will get done or change in Italy, and since they were doing rather better than a few years ago, "Renzi's ratchet" will keep them off the critical list for a few years. I chuckled when the news came that the markets rallied when they heard it was a hung parliament.

That'll give the Kaiserin time to focus the Panzers on you know what ... Perhaps Mr Juncker might lend you his bunker now the Italian problem is in the long grass? Oops, I forgot, it's on the wrong side of the channel now Blighty's done a Dunkirk.


It's a hung parliament, which might be prepared to take a more sceptical approach to Brussels' dictats. You're quite right that any significant change is vanishingly unlikely, so taxes will remain high, the pension "system" bankrupt and tax payers' cash will continue sluicing its way into the pockets of the mafia and Ndrangheda.
There is (oddly) no real appetite to leave the Euro so the hollowing out of Italy's economy will continue.
This election was more than anything else about immigration so whoever eventually forms a government can be expected to push back more vigorously against the EU's disastrous handling of that at least.

I stole this from another blog-don't let David know.
"France got the oil. Italy got Catastrophic Anthropogenic Immigration Reform (CAIR)."

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