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Monday, 12 March 2018


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Energy is Putin's last marketable asset.

That's why Germany and Selmayr's EU must not be allowed to reanimate the Russian corpse.

(Btw, it seems like there's a rebellion brewing in the EU parliament and nation states against Selmayr's appointment ...

... Shame we can't be there to help them along, eh? Even Farage is still in there, joining arms with Guy Verhofstadt - Brothers in Arms, Farage and Verhofstadt, would you effing Adam and Eve it? - fighting the Jerries. Where's Zummerzet and the rest of Blighty 'en, eh, eh, eh?).

A last push of solidarity on the stake through the heart and the beast from the east will be dead. And the Jerry racket into the bargain.


Been rumours earlier last week - Good guy Guy, the Parliamentarian? ...

Farage and Verhofstadt, Jeez. Sorry to go on about it, but this is better than Game of Thrones. The two stalwart ex-enemies stand together now, wielding battle axes and swords, deserted by both their sides, chiding each other jokingly as thy slice and chop the Selmayraki hordes storming at them, Farage: "I told you they were bastards!", Verhofstadt: "But until you did a runner they were our bastards!"

Who will ride to their rescue?


Who will ride to their rescue?
That figure of Gallic Manliness -- Macron?

Don't underestimate Russia, which is still a major nuclear power. Putin and Russian Intelligence are capable of consequential mischief beside the UK poisonings. That's been displayed in Crimea, Syria and political disruptions throughout the world. Stratfor (like the Daily Mail) is somewhat self-serving, but their ideas about Russia, China and Iran are worth considering:

Calm down SoD. Zummerzet and the rest of the UK are standing well back while the Frogs and Krauts make a pigs ear of things. Thank God for the Channel..........

You're absolutely right, as usual. Here are a couple of pieces I wrote on the same topic a few years ago which you might enjoy:

The Russia Factor

Hit'em Where They Ain't

Thanks, 'Dippers', but I must politely correct you in suggesting that I am "absolutely right, as usual"! I think 'occasionally' is the word you need, and then only because of the sheer number of forecasts I toss around!

Even so, we agree that Putin's Russia is stupid and broke which might make it dangerous as they thrash around 'playing at gangsters'! And the thought of them becoming a partner, albeit a very, very junior partner, with China is a dismal prospect.

It makes me wonder how easy some British beleive their media and officials... no investigation, no proofs, but since the ex-spy is Russian and the poison was invented in USSR - it was Russians who organised all this buzz. Well, why not the aliens then?
It's absolutely obvious that the "poisoning" is just another chain of anti-Russian propaganda. Fake footages in Syria, "doping" scandal (I strongly recommend to have a look on norwegian "asthmatic" champions), and now that "poisoning".
About the Russian collapse... maybe the Carnegie Moscow Centre wants to talk about the collapse to Mazda and VAG, who have recently establish plants in Russia (whole list of the "future loosers", who do just the same as these automotive giants is too long to be typed).
It's reaaly difficult to comment anything seriously. Just do not dudge the things you never seen upon the biased media and politicians. Just recommend you to come and see Russia and Russians.

'Alexy (from Russia)', welcome back to Duff and Nonsense, it is good to hear from you again, you have been missed.

Let me apply an old saying - if it looks like a bear, smells like a bear, roars like a bear, it probably is a bear! So, we have a former Russian double agent and his daughter, poisoned by a secret bio-chemical substance made in Russia, just as an earlier Russian double agent was murdered a few years ago by other Russian agents, so I think it is unlikely that, for example, Iceland is to blame!

I am sorry to tell you that your government are a bunch of corrupt, crooked gangsters up to their elbows in bribery and corruption. The gang leader, Putin, keeps you all distracted with one hand as he pretends that Russia is all-powerful, whilst with the other hand he beats you up and murders you if you dare to criticise.

Sooner or later, probably later, the Russian people will wake up but, as your history indicates, it will be too late. In the meantime, please keep sending your corrupt billionaires to London where they spend their money on hugely expensive houses and on cars and on gambling. As always, London is happy to take the money!

Sorry to be cruel but, as we say in England, sometimes it is necessary to be cruel in order to be kind!

Unfortunately you got it wrong, David. My point was not to advocate Putin or someone else. The point was to advocate the common sense. Who (and how) benefits from all that story? You really do beleive Russia did it in such a clumsily way? Some who really did it had thought in the same way you do - "we have a former Russian double agent and his daughter, poisoned by a secret bio-chemical substance made in Russia, just as an earlier Russian double agent was murdered a few years ago by other Russian agents,... it is unlikely that, ... Iceland is to blame". So all the suspicions are immediately fall on Russia.

"...whilst with the other hand he beats you up and murders you if you dare to criticise." I guess that you're talking about Nemtsov. Well, his death made infinetely more har to Putin than his "criticism". His real political weght was nothing more than zero. Therefore again - who (and how) benefits from it?

No, Alexey, I am referring to Alexander Litvinenko, another Russian spy who changed sides and was poisoned in London by a radio-active substance given to him by two Russian agents, one of whom, I believe, is now a member of your 'parliament'!


Putin benefits from that "story". He's testing the solidarity of the West. And as Boney himself said, "Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted".

By killing someone who he has no direct interest in killing, he's saying, "Look what I can do, and have just done. I just killed someone openly on the streets of Britain who I don't even need to be dead. Let me see what your collective reaction in the West is. I have pictures of Trump pissing on my Russian hookers, Britain is out of Europe, and my good "Nord Stream 2" friend Angela has complete control over the EU and ants detente with me. Let's see how your collective resolve is in the West.

And sure enough, not a word from the Don, and nothing but waffle and piffle from the EU and Blighty.

Putin's been trying to catch everyone's attention on this for a while now. A month back he shot a Ukrainian in his car, set light to him and let him burn to death in Guernsey ...

It hardly reached the MSM in the West. Putin must have thought to himself, "Jeez, WTF do I have to do to get these guys attention!? Ok, reconnaissance in force, next step up, let's bump someone off on mainland Britain."

Well now he's got our attention. And his test message is getting a reply: It appears he can kill and conduct his mafia business in Blighty with impunity.

The Don won't do anything because of his Moscow piss-party antics.

Merkel is happy to let it go because she wants Nord Stream 2 and detente with Russia.

And Blighty is ruled by the Brexit mafia who are in the pay of Putin's proxies ...

So your boss has carte blanche to turn Blighty into a battlefield, like Ukraine. And there's nothing like a combination of revenge (turning a Western state into a Ukraine) and the strategic gain of driving a wedge into the West, to please a gangster like your boss.

I'll raise a toast to your boss, I can't deny it, it's a job well done.

As Wellington said at the Duchess of Richmond's Ball when the message came in, "Humbugged, by God, he's gained a days march on me!"

The Don will have to fess up to his piss-party sins, ride out the storm, and then start listening to his advisers. Or get booted out. Your boss must be desperate for the piss-party info not to come out. Keeping the Don in position is of vital importance. Anyone who can leak that info will be doing the West a great big favour.

And like Wellington, the US'll kick Putin's Boney arse a day or two later (as usual for the Yanks, late for the main action).

And in your heart of hearts you know that Alexey.


Here we go, another one bites the dust! ...

He's a busy bee your boss, eh, Alexey?

What are the hours in that troll factory of yours, btw? You might wanna take some night classes in creative chemistry and then change agencies - more demand, less jaw-jaw and more war-war, the pay'll be much better!

When they send you to London for your first job we could meet up for a beer? Oooh, errr, on second thoughts, I might be washing my hair on that day!


There's buzz that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who a judge has announced could spend the rest of his life in prison, is claiming the Russian mob will have him shivved in the yard or some such. It's getting tough to be a failed oligarch.

Yet again, I am not advocating anyone. I only advotae the common sense, which, according to the current hysteria in the mestern media, has been completely lost now. Although, I HAVE to note that sometimes the liars and the murderers of thousands are not only the MOPs, but they also are the Secretaries of the State and even the Prime Ministers.

Now, at least there is a piece of logic. But by that logic Russia must be suicidal to do it on the eve of the WC. But those, who want to introduce a new sanctions (there is (or there was)no unity at all on that issue), those who want the WC in Russia to fail or to be removed (as the best), those who want to keep confrontation will definetely benefit from it. Your FM has recently visited Russia and ours was planning to visti GB in response; prince Harry was going to visit the WC this summer; the military attaches' resposobilities and purviews were going to be widened, so there are those who oppose to all of that. And they definetely benefit of that.

Btw, has your media or PM corrected the statement that "the poison was MADE in Russia" to "the poison was INVENTED in USSR"? Have them also informed you that one of its inventors had left to the USA many years ago? No thoughts come to your mind?

@What are the hours in that troll factory of yours, btw? You might wanna take some night classes in creative chemistry and then change agencies - more demand, less jaw-jaw and more war-war, the pay'll be much better!@
- that only indicates that you want to be given a digestible explanation in what Russia (as always) is guilty. You don't want to evaluate situation on a whole, you don't want to get another point. Well, it's up to you and it will cost me nothing to leave the argument and let you enjoy your "rightness".

@When they send you to London for your first job we could meet up for a beer? Oooh, errr, on second thoughts, I might be washing my hair on that day!@
- unfortunately, your government won't issue a visa for me. I am not a poor migrant from the middle east, I'm not going to do nothing and get money for it, I am not going to violate your laws and customs, so I do not deserve the visa))). I'd rather you come to Russia - just to drink vodka with bears, play balalaika ant the other stuff))

Opened his mouth in support of Blighty against Putin and pouff! Rex becomes ex-Rex.

Yanks, your prez is a Rooskie stooge,



Those of us not blinded by media or ideology are well aware. It's hard to keep count of the ties between the people in Trump's orbit and Russia. And it's obvious Trump will insult anyone except Vladimir Putin.

The MSM finally catches up with D&N in explaining the true motive for Putin's Skripal attempted murder ...

"The Salisbury poisoning is intended to find out how close Britain remains to the US, EU and Nato"

"With friends like this, no wonder Britain has enemies. Even two years ago, it would have been unthinkable that the White House’s reaction to what is essentially a chemical weapons attack on British soil would be to sullenly avoid pointing any fingers. But that is where we found ourselves on Monday. The US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, did his best to fill the vacuum left by the tweeter-in-chief by accusing Russia of “outrageous behaviour”. But Donald Trump’s own silence on the question of Russian involvement speaks volumes when you imagine the storm he’d have whipped up had it been Islamic State that was suspected of releasing a deadly nerve agent in an English market town."

I'll be sending my invoice into the Graun but not holding my breath waiting for payment! ...


From the Russan bot and troll tracker

Top Tweets of the Last 24 Hours

March 14, 8:27 AM

‘Premature’ to blame Russia for spy poisoning, Salisbury residents say

Retweeted 164 times

And the second reason Putin poisoned Skripal?

He wants his money back. Because he's desperate for cash.

Putin sent a delegation to Blighty recently asking oligarchs to repatriate their money to mother Russia. No doubt lots of inducements were offered: Forgiveness and pardons for the sinners and "traitors".

And after the carrot came the stick.

And I bet one of the sweeteners that any returning oligarch could serve up to ensure an even warmer welcome in Moscow would be to denounce the UK security services for harassment in the wake of the Skripal poisoning and claim it was UK security services wot did it.

Let's wait and see how many Ollie's rush home to mother Russia with the loot for an oh-so-cuddly bear hug, eh, Alexey!


So I agree with the Gaffer's post.

Putin's pleadings with his London Ollie's, backed up with risky murders, are signs of desperation and weakness, not assertiveness and strength.

They're hungry and cold back home.

The sanctions are working.

The bear is slowly being strangled to death, and lashing out in its death throws.

See you soon in a London Costa, Alexey. You'll be a fine barista. Like the Ost Bloccers before you the only work for you will be serving Lattes in London. You can regale us with stories of tickling bears and playing that instrument of yours, whatever it's called. I like my Cappuccino without the chocolate powder on top, btw!

Oooh, and I just thought. A fresh wave of super-high-cheek-boned, long-legged, pert-breasted, inky-blinky-dahlinkies! Watch out Fluffbun, I might be open to a trade-in for a younger Rooskie model! (God I hope she didn't hear that ...)


SoD, instead of thinking of "working sanctions" and my future, you'd better think yourself on how not to become a barista for migrants, in next couple of years:) And yes, it's also Russia, who will be guilty in it.
However, you are feel to keep saying these spells (which are your media full off) if thinking by yourself is too difficult for you. Less time for thinking - more time to master the barista craft :)

Trump the Russian puppet? If he talks nobody will listen. Better to act but not too far ahead of PM May:

By George and all the Saints, the US Cavalry has arrived - and the Grognards and Heer (remember them, Alexey?) ...

Remember that "Angels on our shoulders" moment in Saving Private Ryan?

We haven't seen solidarity in Europe like this since June 22nd 2016. Kepp up the good work Vlad!

This calls for a celebration - chop, chop, Alexey, Lattes all round!


Please, keep on :) I follow on you, just to find out by what extent the arrogance can prevent one from thinking (needless to say about critical thought).
Lattes... good idea, but you sure deserve it? Has your migrant-boss alowed you to have some? :)

The Lithuanian foreign minister is on it like a car bonnet, quoting me verbatim almost ...

There's an absolute gem of a Putin lie in there. Putin claims the Nord Stream 2 project is not political, but rather purely economic. Lovely cuddly-wuddly-bear globalization, no politics, let alone any geo-military implications - Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, no, no, no, he says, like those "Little Green Men" in Crimea that were nothing to do with Rooskie armed forces.

If so, then why is a piece of Nord Stream 2 pipe trooped along with the T-14 Armata's and nuclear missiles through Red Square in a Moscow military parade!!! ...

"He said many of Europe’s northern littoral states disagreed with Germany, which continues to argue that the proposed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany over the Baltic Sea was a purely commercial decision. “It is very dangerous to give Russia a monopoly. When you have a single source for energy, you are very vulnerable. In the Moscow military parade a Gazprom pipe was on display. It was on display for a reason.”" - Lithuanian Foreign Minister

Anyway the lying liar Vlad's had a flea in his ear from the big four today, so that's good.

Time to get back and help our Nige and Guy battle with Selmayr's Jerry-putch of the EU exec.

Oh damn, I do keep forgetting, you-know-what ...


Yeah, really, how do these Russians dare to have their own interests in the world? How do they dare to demand not to drag its neighbor to hostile NATO (what can be wrong with us if we had promised not to do so in 1991 but broke the promise? it's absolutely ok)? How do they dare to SELL the commodities instead of giving them? Bloody Russians...


You naughty boy, looks like you've graduated in that creative chemistry night school course AND qualified as a barista already and you never told us ...

So what was it? Sneak into her apartment and sprinkle a little extra chocolate powder on Daddy's chocolates gift? Or maybe a drop or two of something in Daddy's Vodka bottle gift?

Or maybe an industrial grade syringe punched through her bag at the airport and steered into the choccies by ultrasound and injected?



SoD, this is my blog, not the saloon bar of your favourite pub during a stag night party! Keep it clean and keep it sensible - or else!

@So what was it?@
Well, seriously, I cannot give any comments on your BLIND beliefs to whatever it's told against Russia. That's just all about logic, crytical thinking and erudition.
I cannot also teach you the difference of "MAY have been" and "WAS".
You must comprehend it by yourself unless you're still attending to the primary school.

Though Britain already has a version of the Global Magnitsky Act, Mrs. May has announced the introduction of legislation similar to the US Magnitsky Act:

This is the law Don Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner allegedly negotiated to soften in return for dirt on Hillary Clinton:

Btw, Don Jr.'s wife has decided to dump him. It would likely be wise of her to put as much distance as possible between herself and hubby as Mueller closes in.

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