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Friday, 23 March 2018


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G'day Duffers,

You may also like "The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors" by Dan Jones. I have just finished it and it is very good.

Yes, AussieD, I saw that and hesitated over it but Asbridge's book seemed to be more comprehensive - at 750+/- pages, it ought to be!

David, there are "Man Rules" in life and you just broke a big one! Shopping!? And then you wandered around after the ladies in the dress dept? Unbelievable!

That bit about being stripped and whipped in public might be in order for your punishment...a loin cloth will do since it is still cold there!

No, no, Whiters, it was a deal - I thought you Yankee-doodles liked a deal! I got the morning to myself in the bookshop and then took my punishment like a man in the afternoon trudging round the dress departments. Mind you, it wasn't all bad because the ladies insisted on spending some time in the lingerie department - honestly what these gals (almost) wear these days - I was shocked, I tell you, shocked!

Lingerie? Well okay, all is well since you made up for it. I wandered into a Victoria's Secret shop once, years ago, when my blood pressure could take it. Within ten minutes I discovered Victoria's secret...she's a tramp!

Indeed she is, Whiters, but, er, you didn't happen pick up her number by any chance - jes' askin'?

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