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Wednesday, 07 March 2018


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"HMG needs to institute severe measures beginning with the withdrawal of the entire British football team from ludicrous 'World Cup'. "

Can we do that anyway, please?

One less ritual humiliation, every little counts.


They're not dead, DD. "Critically ill", according to the BBC, due to some nerve agent.

Unless you have been told the outcome by a nice Russian friend who shares an interest in military history or am dram?

Good grief, I agree with 'SoD'!

Quite right, 'W', I jumped the gun, or do I mean, the poison gas?!

Surely, nerve agent would seem to indicate involvement by some government.

I don't know very much about how mafias operate, particularly when it comes to wacking the competition, but I'm pretty certain that GA, GD or VX can't exactly be pulled off the shelf. Okay, whoever dunnit may have regarded Skripal as an enemy of his country, but I find it hard to believe that his daughter Yulia had done anything to warrant being hit and even worse, I now read that the copper who was first on the scene is now critical as well.

Richard, I understand that she once said something rude about 'Vlad' - that's all it takes!


"Surely, nerve agent would seem to indicate involvement by some government."

Not necessarily so - a very similar concoction (chemically compounded speaking) of Sarin can be whipped up using fairly easily obtained agricultural materials. You'll recall Tokyo 1995?

And more recently here's me'n Able having our way with one of David's comment threads:

Don't know y'all over there are enduring what we in much of the US are, which is, high-school level chemistry and methamphetamine manufacture.


From this morning's Telegraph:

"Police on Wednesday said government scientists had identified the nerve agent used by would-be assassins at a shopping arcade in the Wiltshire city centre. The chemical used is "likely to be rarer than Sarin or VX nerve agents", a source told the BBC..."Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer of Britain's Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, told The Times: "This is not the stuff you can knock up in your back shed."

Okay, for understandable reasons, the Police are keeping pretty much everything under wraps, but a number of points can be made:

1) It seems likely that whatever the agent was, it seems unlikely that it came from any home lab a la Breaking Bad.

2) What little we know points to the fact that this seems to have been a very professional, well planned and executed hit.

3) As stated in the Spectator article, a number of doubts remain. Surely, an operation of this nature is always going to be counter productive to someone like Putin. Diplomatic relations have been severed for less than this.

4) Any use of Nerve Agent - of whatever kind - is always going to generate maximum publicity. If Putin really wanted these people dead, surely the FSB would have used any one of a score of lower profile alternatives for carrying the mission out.

Conclusion: As yet, there is no conclusion. The Jury is still very much out, but I for one will continue following developments with extreme interest.

Apparently 21 other people have been taken ill and treated.

Early days, but if it is traced to Vlad then Blighty will likely face another climb down and yet another national humiliation a la Litvinenko.

Being unable to protect our citizens and agents on our own soil is pathetic.

I mean, just think about it, it's pathetic.

No Russian agent will risk spying for Blighty in the future, and no-one, like the EU in the you-know-what negotiations, will take Blighty's security and defence capability seriously ever again.

Blighty leaps boldly forward into the big bad world as naked as the day it was born, threatening enemies with the withdrawal of it's footie team as it's most potent weapon. In fact, not even that, it's merely a threat of no bigwigs turning up for the footie matches! That'll really have them quaking in their boots!

Sorry Pops, 50p in the swear box 'n all that, but FUCKING HELL.


I totally agree Lawrence. I think it is worth adding that with the miserable state of our armed forces, plus the proven spinelessness of Theresa May, any hostile foreign power now has the entirely correct impression that they can treat us with contempt and walk all over us.

50p in the swear box for me as well David... FUCKING BLOODY HELL!!!


Yes I went ahead and read your link and noted the "likely to be rarer than Sarin or VX nerve agents" - I also noted an "the agent will not at this time be identified."

I'm not Richard (we being e-pals of long-standing) taking issue with you personally however, there are many synonyms as I'm certain you're probably, maybe, and perhaps aware for "likely."

The UK medicos however - it looks from here - apparently had some relatively quickly obtained counteractant which suggests to me something fairly close to hand heck, maybe even in their regular hospital pharmaceuticals kit.

I wonder whether the treatment the victims were administered had any similarity to a pesticide/herbicide exposure treatment?

And then Richard there's the "21 other people" SoD provides - that rather "dings" your Point #2 doesn't it? "Professionals" - at least the majority of those I've had some knowledge/familiarity with - do not do "collateral damages" the Litvinenko fellows misfortune being my Exhibit 1. (Of course Cameron, Hillary, and Obama supposedly were "professionals" too and Libya for damn sure suffered some collateral stuff so yes - shit does happen.)

For what its worth Richard, SoD, others, I've drawn no conclusions: matter of fact I'd suggest we all do as David's and the 'Speccie' has admonished us, wait until the facts are properly investigated and established.

Y'all can hold off sending out one of y'alls submarines on a mission to nuke Moscow until then surely?

We'll, there's the fact that Skripal was all buddy-buddy with that Brit ex-spook now consultant who released the dossier on the Don ref his Rooskie connections.

Perhaps it was a combined CIA / FSB job?

We have got more than one sub JK (not sure if they're serviceable, of course), so keep an eye our for any Unidentified Floating Objects in the Hudson!


Quite so JK.

However, please take into account that this particular story has wings. More and more information is coming to light on an almost daily basis. Maynard Keynes's line "When the facts change, I change my mind" definitely applies.

PS If you'll excuse an Americanism, nothing I've heard so far alters Lawrence and my opinion of the likely response of H.M. Government, 'led' by that candy ass Prime Minister of ours Theresa May!!!

Mrs May may be a "candy ass". Perhaps you bunch of geniuses would like to say what she can actually do?

By George and all the Saints, just seen on the news Colonel Skripal was airborne.

Hang in there bro, hang in there.



Recently I saw a film. It was about a British Prime Minister who had previously been wrong about just about everything, who took office with no clear majority, at a time of national crisis. He had no clear majority, and powerful elements were conspiring to force his resignation almost before he had even set foot in No 10.

You know what? This absolute disaster of a Prime Minister immediately started to reveal talents that nobody suspected he possessed. For perhaps the first time in his life, he started to be right at a time when being wrong would have been cataclysmic. He dug his heels in and through inspirational leadership and sheer intestinal fortitude carried the day. His name? Winston Spencer Churchill.

Fast forward to 2018. There are a number of close parallels to the situation in 1940. Britain is dangerously weak and is standing alone. The Prime Minister has no clear majority and powerful elements are conspiring against her.

But there the comparison ends. Theresa May is weak, indecisive and possesses zero intestinal fortitude. Compare and contrast not only with Churchill but (love her or hate her) THAT WOMAN. You know who I mean? The one with the mouth of Monroe and the eyes of Caligula, that's who. You ask what May can actually do? Apart from vacillating and going where she's pushed, I'm really not too sure. However, I can say with confidence that what she cannot do is provide leadership, and with this little nerve agent incident added to the European crisis, we need leadership more than we have ever done since 1940.

Well Richard you left out a very important bit.

Jennie Jerome was born an American.

Too bad about y'alls Mrs. May, I expect y'all'll just have to muddle on best y'all can.

Bloody hell you say SoD! That Skirpal guy was pals to Christopher Steele?!!!

I'll get back to y'all asap - I gotta get with some of my contacts.

Richard, Churchill's problems were almost all of his own making. He had been associated with two of the biggest military cock-ups in British history - Gallipoli and Norway - and he had backed that weasel Edward VIII to remain as king. His only positive was his constant warnings about the danger from Germany. Once he gained his place in Downing St., he proceeded to make mistake after mistake and only the dearth of talent around him kept him in office until the British public had their chance and booted the romantic drunkard out of office! Yes, his policy of 'no surrender' was brave and wise, and his gift of oratory was essential, but don't let Winston-mania fool you!

JK, if your pals are interested in having a talk ... My price? No prizes - it's green and comes in the form of a card, plus three nice little flats: One in Boston, New York, and somewhere hellish hot down South. How's that? Cheap at twice the price. Oh, one I forgot: A special forces extraction squad on call to retrieve two wrinklies from Zummerzet, England when Corbyn gets in and turns their country into a socialist death-camp and they finally admit they put an x in the wrong box when asked about you-know-what.

Here he is ...

Desantniki eh? I thought they were the guys who rode the T-34's in WWII and jumped off into battle.

I suppose if you add 700 feet it's much the same.


From the Paras to the Intelligence Corps. Not a very well trod route that, let's face it, brave as a lion but not the brightest light on the Xmas tree, your average "dope on a rope".

Who do we know around here who made that transition then? Mmmm?

Now, what does a bloke who changes his underpants ten times a day look like? Here he is ...

A Brit. Living n Blighty.

Time to wake up a realize we are at war with Russia. And all those Ukippers, Farage included, and their fawning adulation of Putin are the enemy.

Time to wake up and realize Nord Stream 2 is Putin's attempt to turn the Jerries into his camp. The EU executive is fighting a valiant battle using the law (bless their cotton socks) to prevent Nord Stream 2, but being knocked back. The EU exec sees the cataclysmic danger of a Jerry-Rooskie pact in Europe. As for the Ostbloccers and Nordics, they're candidates for the "what does a bloke look like who changes his underpants ten times a day" contest.

Blighty should be in there helping the EU exec block Nord Stream 2, preventing a Jerry-Rooskie European pact. Oh look at my terrible memory, I forgot, you-know-what. No hot air leverage any more.

My country is useless. It's over to you, once again, Uncle Sam, to save Blighty and the Euros from themselves and the "beast from the east".

My services offered already - see above.


"Skripal once told a close friend that in the darkest days of the labour camp he kept his mind healthy by building a home in his imagination."

At least he had a few years, like an Englishman, in his castle.


"In his Skripal commentary, Kleimenov wrapped up his remarks by wryly suggesting that life in Britain might be hazardous.
"Something is wrong there," he said. "Maybe it's the climate, but in recent years there have been too many strange incidents with grave outcomes there.""

Putin's mouthpieces openly mocking Blighty's pathetic inability to defend itself against his murderers.

How do you feel about that, you Ukippers and authoritarian-right Putin admirers?

How do you feel about that you Brexiteers who deserted your friends and allies, the EU executive, Nordics, and Ost Bloccers, in the fight to keep Europe free?

Going well? Pleased with yourselves?


SoD, just take your tablets and go back to bed!

David, Lawrence,

This, by Peter Hitchens, is the most lucid commentary that I have red about this particular affair. When it comes to all things Russian, he knows whereof he speaks. Just for the record, he expresses the same doubts I do.

Read with care.

Thank you Richard Sir for that Hitchens link.

What say you now of my cautioning, "Hey let us think about the What's the gain [for Putin &] in what, to my mind at least, looks to be decidedly unprofessional? My doubts that this "had to've been state-sponsored"?

Were I forced (Lawrence? perhaps David) to offer up an opinion as to what's afoot with this episode I'd say, very preliminaryily so, that this looks to be a "practice run" to my mind - especially so since y'alls authorities appear for all intents and purposes - to have in mind the expedient inclination toward distraction. Of course I'd expect amongst the several possible doubters of this esteemed group of D&N Opinionators (detractors of myself personally at any rate) to oppose whatever my opinion is but - In my considered opinion its either the "McMafia" David's taken care to suggest or more likely in my opinion, another group that's far more worrisome.

Not that ol' JK would ever take to being accused of anything unduly but, y'all been paying attention to what's the ground-situation betwixt Egypt's northern Sinai and Israel's verymost south - Gaza specifically?

Sidebar Richard,

You cannot of course recognize any "bona fides" accruing to JK of course just because I say so but, the subject of this following post together with "JK" attended our first chemistry classes - I going one way she another however, when we were both young we "shared some kisses" ... not that that impacted either of the individual lives we each chose:

And Syria's not that far from Gaza:

You'll note Richard, from that comment above of 08 March 2018 at 00:23 as I said there "me'n Able having our way with one of David's comment threads"?

There's been quite a bit I've put on D&N but there's a helluva lot more I have not. At one point even I placed (D&N) the promise of a book I'd prepared to have published as was my intent when the promised 40 years to pass before "the stuff" would've, in the normal course, been declassified ... Well, don't look anytime soon anymore I'm gonna be able to look forward to supplementing my income from book sales.

A recent former President (and very likely a Sec/State) put the kibosh on that.

I guess I orter taken up David's offer to teach me the finer points of second-hand car sales.

Oh well.

"Who then might be involved? He wondered if this might not be more to do with the sort of lawless oligarchs recently portrayed in the BBC drama series ‘McMafia’. No doubt such people have close and complex relations with the Russian state. But they are not the same thing."

That's where Hitchens is wrong.

The Russian state is the same thing as the McMafia. A poo on top of a pile of poo is only different in its location.

If Skripal and daughter were done via the McMafia by proxy of Putin then Putin's responsible. If they were done by unilateral action of the McMafia then Putin is still responsible because his system holds them in place. It's more like Peaky Blinders than McMafia. The Peaky Blinders are top dog in Blighty, but that doesn't stop the gangs they dominate carrying on their murderous business to preserve their positions. So long as it doesn't cause Tommy Shelby any problems they can just get on with it and pay him their vassal dues.

Either by proxy or unilateral action, Putin is testing Blighty. He sees a weak, enfeebled, and divided nation, cut loose from the EU and distant from the new US regime. He first wants to see if the EU and US will support the UK in any way whatsoever in this matter. If they don't, he will give carte blanche for his own agents and the McMafia to do their dirty business in Blighty. There is nothing better that he'd want than to turn the EU and US's flank and create a Ukraine style permanent battleground in their back yard, to match Ukraine in his. Revenge and strategic gain in one hit.

He's got plenty of supporters in the Brit alt-right, Ukip, the unions and hard left who'd take his money and tie-up with the McMafia.

The EU will be happy to see the cataclysmic consequences of leaving the EU on display "pour discouragez les autres". And with Nord Stream 2, the Selmayr executive in place, and the new Russo-German pact ready to go, they may even have given Putin the nod, "Mess up Blighty, Vlad, she's all yours. Just keep your McMafia out of the financial services companies that move to the EU. And those that stay in London will be begging for your cash soon enough, go for them. Go do that voodoo that you do so well, with them"

What have you done?


Blighty's only hope now is the US.

The Don's men see the danger of the EU cut free from US influence by Brexit, and all the consequences: Russo-German pact, anti-US stance by the EU, collapse of NATO.

Having China and Russia alone to content with is one thing. But having China, Russia and the EU with their ducks all lined up together - a new Silk Road here, a Nord Stream 2 there, a common foreign policy everywhere - what will that be like for Uncle Sam and the Anglo-sphere?

You muppet-brained ex-colonials who cheered Blighty along down the Brexit trail are going to feel the heat soon enough.

It's Blighty and the Three Seas Initiative you need to give 100% to now.

The same old friends. The same old enemies.

Or you're toast.


And btw.

When the war hots up in the UK, you are right in the observation that it would be hopeless to turn back to the EU now.

So yes, I'm a leaver now.

To rejoin the EU would be to submit to Putin and Merkel by the back door. Blighty will never regain its blocking abilities to their ambitions now, let alone assert any positive authority to direct the EU in our direction from the rebels on the inside.

You have forced Blighty to conduct this war on the outside; the inside is indeed closed to us. The cost will be much higher than we've been paying for the last 45 years, as well you know.

But here's my nightmare scenario - and yours, now we're on the same side.

The Blair's and Heseltine's of this world are silly old farts like you: stubborn and daft. They won't see my above strategic narrative and will bang on about rejoining the EU. And they might win.

Because the Brit people are also stupid and cowardly they might well run back to Mutti, not realizing that it won't be the same anymore. They will be the unter-menschen of the west, as the Ost Bloccers will be unter-menschen of the east. And they'll not just be cowering under her skirts, but they'll be under Vlad's boot as well by proxy of the Russo-German pact.

Effing hell, you've really done it, haven't you?

That would be worse than the coming war that will impoverish Blighty and blight many future generations, but at least offers hope for the generations beyond.

As for Uncle Sam and the Anglo-sphere: if you let the UK slide back into the EU happen you're as dead in the same water as we are, eventually.

You need to: -

(1) Get on with the biggest mother-of-open-borders-as-close-as-being-a-citizen-without-being-one-as-it's-possible-to-be trade deal with Blighty, PDFQ. And offer it to the Ost Bloccers, Nordics, and Ukraine of the Three Seas Initiative.

(2) Help May build the consensus to boot out all the Rooskies from Blighty, and retaliate for Putin's Salisbury tester.

(3) Build the LNG terminals in the Baltic, Croatia, and Bulgaria asap, and offer a vastly reduced price for the energy if the Three Seas Initiative states leave the EU.

(4) Create new pact to replace NATO, offer it to Ukraine and the entire Three Seas Initiative states with militarize them with discounted but top quality equipment - Abrams and Javelin and the like. Let them manufacture under licence if the discount is too costly. Front Merkel with it before she gets a euro-army.

(5) Distract Putin by kicking off a full scale war in the ME. The Israeli's are ready, and the Arabs can't be far behind, they've had plenty of new kit and practice in Yemen.

(6) Block Nord Stream 2, the new Silk Road, and any other Russo-German, Sino-German projects by any means possible.

(7) Subsidize groups in the EU opposed to the Russo-German pact and the direction of the post-putsch, unfettered German EU. Beware of Putin loving populists and nationalists - Merkel will ride those tigers using her Putin friendship as bait. Let them go. Stick with the ones that see the real danger and oppose the Russo-German EU.

(8) Add Republic of Ireland to the TSI and Blighty security and economic pacts. That'll keep the Fenian's off our back by giving them the similar sort of deal that the EU did to enable the Good Friday Agreement.

That's just the Sunday Morning Eight shortlist. I'm sure y'all can add to it.

Just focus your minds, ex-colonials: The EU, Russia, and China. All against you.

Wake the fuck up (50p as usual ...).


£820,000 bunged to the Tory party by Rooskie oligarchs ...

Lest anyone was wondering why Blighty is dragging it's feet with a Magnitsky Act or equivalent response to Putin ref the Litvinenko and Skripal murders.


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