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Wednesday, 07 March 2018


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Please, my American friends, tell me I'm worrying unduly!

OK, you are worrying unduly!

Whooo, I come fom Arizona. If California seceeds, they won't get one drop from the Colorado river, which divides the two states. Bring it on, we'll see what Mexifornia does then...

There is also a move for rural California to separate from Coastal California. Like.West Virginia separated from Virginia or Tennessee separated from North Carolina. Doubt that either will go past talk, but interesting nonetheless.

I'm sure from above, John C. Calhoun is looking down and smiling? If California did manage to won't, it would be a rump country governed and mismanaged by bad ideas birthed from worse ideology.

Oh, photo says it all:

An irony of almost indescribable deliciousness is that Trump is using a law used by 'Obamarama' against Arizona when it tried to crack down on illegal immigrants.

Just goes to prove that he who laughs last, er, didn't get the joke!

If California doe secede from the union. It will quickly be invaded by a drunk group of red necks from Texas armed with AR15s and they will have the place conquered in a couple of hours as the wimps in that state faint at the sight of the guns.

California will leave the union right after Texas, where secession is discussed more loudly and regularly.


Compliments for your observation that America is a very new country, presumably compared to England. That will likely be the case for long into the future. One thing that makes America so dynamic is the periodic influx of immigrants with new energy and ideas. Some of the more famous include Albert Einstein, Google founder Sergey Brin, clothing maker Levi Strauss, YouTube founders Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, Arianna Huffington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and so on.

States with an impulse to go it alone are not all like California (which not long ago was more conservative than not). Among others we have the Permanent Fund/socialist state of Alaska and the libertarian state of Kansas, which has shown again why there has never been a libertarian country.

Nationalism is resurgent worldwide. Don't be surprised if it does less damage in North America than in Europe.

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