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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


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Warren will have to find a way to remove "She Who Will Not Go Away".

If it was anyone but Hillary, the article and pictures would be sad.

I saw the video of her falling down the stairs in India. 'Legalinsurr' urges us not to snigger, quite right, we should all howl with laughter and then pelt her with rotten fruit!

Whitewall, I think Ms Clinton is unlikely to be around much longer, at least in any credible state. Those falling and stumbling pictures - and there are a growing number of them - speak of something more than accidental mishaps. She's ill, drugged, or drunk. Even if she lives much longer, there must be Democrats with enough sense and power to keep her out of the public view.

Meanwhile, Warren still refuses a DNA test. One of the few joys about these technology-driven times is that lying and bullshit become harder to sustain.

Democrats seem to be keeping Hillary out of public view as well as possible without actually locking her up. In the reverse mirror world of Fox and other right wing news, however, she might as well be in the Oval Office. Even funnier is that Trump is being defended as an "original thinker" as opposed to all the stiffs who actually "know" stuff, act with "decorum" and don't pay off "adult film stars" or "hostile foreign powers".

The obsession with Warren's family history is also as 'genuine' as a nine dollar note. And overuse is making nicknames more than a bit 'stale' and 'old hat' 'over here':

It's a bloody freak show.

I don't see why this lady shouldn't be a Red Indian. After all, we have white women who are black, men who are women and a president with a white mother who is black. And Democrats who don't believe in democracy.....

Bob, there is no "obsession" over Warren's phoney claims to be a Red Indian. She, like many another 'pol', told a lie, in her case, to jump the queue for a place on the Harvard faculty. Over the years she has refused point-blank to own up and has refused to undergo a blood test. "LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE" should be chanted at her where-ever she goes.


Like most people Americans have long enjoyed possibly procreative sex just as much as other types and have had preferences that run to the exotic or convenient. I myself am supposedly 20% Cherokee, but the supposition is based on memories of my grandmother plus some cryptic records and a picture of my supposed great-grandmother kept in a long-vanished family Bible. As Warren also claims, I've never tried to use my possible "Red Indian" heritage to my advantage. (Do many White Lime-Juicers actually use the term "Red Indian"?) To both my and Liz's possible shame, the reason is it's not easy. I looked into it once, and the tribes now require proof of ancestry that's often difficult to muster.

As far as DNA goes, accurate testing is possible but results can vary widely. The trick is in the interpretation, and not all companies that can run the test have the expertise to accurately read the results. They are in actuality selling snake oil. The test is something like an X-ray. Anyone can put a person on the table and push the button that makes the machine spit out an image, but determining what it means takes a fair amount of training and experience:

You can't prove Nigel Farage isn't part weasel either, but we can certainly assume he is. Additionally, being called a liar by a Trump supporter is more than a little problematic, wouldn't you agree?

Bob, you disappoint me! 'Fauxcahontas' claimed her Red Indian bloodline in order to secure an appointment at Harvard Law - I gather they actually congratulated themselves on their politically correct treatment of her. Never mind how accurate a blood test might be, she refuses to take one. Why would that be?

Nigel Farage may be the weasel you portray him as but he is a weasel who started alone outside political circles and by dint of sheer conviction and hard work eventually, after years of effort, gave this country a democratic choice which just about every other professional politicians were refusing. And, no, being called a liar by a Trump supporter is not in the slightest bit problematic, it all depends on the Trump supporter concerned!

So, Bob, get back to your detached position on the centre ground, er, that is your usual position isn't it, or were you just pretending?

Apologies for my disappointing and pretentious musings, David. It's the sometimes unfortunate seeming result of my position immutably anchored above it all. Try to think in three dimensions, man.

Nigel gnawed and dug his way into the body politic with razor-sharp teeth, claws and high-pitched growling.

The Ancestry DNA test doesn't involve blood - you just spit in a little tube and post it off to Ancestry. Over 5 million people have done so. If it was "snake oil", I think someone would have noticed. Mine just confirmed what my family history research had shown, I am Anglo-Irish. Warren might be able to lay the whole matter to rest if she took the test. If it showed no Red Indian blood - she could just blame the short comings of the test, which are well known. It is a bit like Obama's scholastic records - why are they secret?

PS. Bob. I have never heard the "White Lime-Juicer" thing before. Limey yes. But white was a given.


You should read the story I linked or one of the many like it. Your results might have been correct, but not necessarily. "Lime-Juicer" is an antiquated form of "Limey":

I just threw in "White" to counterbalance "Red". It's too bad Columbus was such a confused git.

Fauxchahontas was born and raised in Oklahoma. Okies are not only too well aware of their "indian" heritage, they have it documented. The fact that she claims there are vague stories and has no documentation shows very strongly that she is talking out of 'er arse. Ask any true Okie.

And, she talk with forked tongue, too!


Regardless of the state of the art of DNA testing, the practical effect of Ms. Warren's "heap stubborn" refusal to make this simple gesture -- while doubling down on her claim to Injun roots -- is simply to make most people think she's lying.

Why? Because she used the claim to her advantage, and now refuses to do what she easily could to back it up. (If you were Elizabeth Warren, and actually believed that you had the ancestry she claims, wouldn't you take the test?)

It's her choice, of course, but she will have to deal with the consequences. (Anything that obstructs that harpy's path to higher office is, of course, fine with me.)


Warren's alleged lie seems a trifle under the new standard for political dissembling in the US, which includes saying the sun was shining when "the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe" witnessed rain. According to the Snopes article linked above:

"... evidence is contradictory over whether she used false claims of Native American heritage to gain an edge over other candidates for a job at Harvard ..."

I'm not sure "most" people think she's lying. Judgement seems to follow the political left/right divide. Taking the test would likely provide mixed reviews too. Obama making his birth certificate public produced charges it was phony. The same would probably follow a test result confirming Warren's Indian ancestry, and the accuracy issue could cut both ways.

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