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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


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If, perchance, anybody is having a birthday today - I hope they have a terrific day and manage to behave themselves.

Andra, if it is you, congrats and behave! If not, this covers you until you decide to have one...

Yes, Andra, if that is you, well then Happy Birthday.
Somehow I don't think you are very familiar with the phrase "behave themselves."

Alas, Andra, were it my birthday I am now too old to remember how to misbehave myself! If it is indeed your birthday then I send you my tropical breathings - what more could a gal ask for?

No, no no. It's not me - I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago.
It's one of the Duffster's minions - one who will probably end up in jail before the day's out.
Still, I'm sure it will be worth it.
Thanks for your kind wishes anyway.

Well "Woe is me not today" Andra.

I'm a sit happens yet still acrost form you on the International Date Line. 'Bout six hours or so from now though I'm thinking I may wait no longer to register my commiserations with the Keepers of the Social Security Lockbox Mr. Reagan "guaranteed me" some number of years passed.

Now as I reckon Whitewall (and extremuley Cusin' Bob'll, take it terrible that I might take advantage seeing as how I'm managing to take the good graces at the merest age of forty - y'all ain't got six Naval Expeditionary Medals on y'alls DD-214s!


You're forever in my heart Andra and (however the Chinaman gives a shit) I'll always be in possession of "that feeling" of your naked breasts pressed - lovingly - against my chest.

I loved you then Andra. I love you now.

JK - the Chinaman has left the planet and it's just me and the cat.
Anyway, have a great day and do try not to blow anything up!

But I can still love you Andra?

Even from afar?

I wouldn't have it any other way!
Y'all behave now and don't spend too much time with Barney.
I love you too.

OH NO, TAKE COVER, EVERYONE, IT'S JK'S BIRTHDAY!!! This could take a week or more!

Needn't worry David, the precise time (you'll note perhaps March 21st is the first full day of Spring? Astronomically speaking) anyway the precise time is six hours and fourteen some odd minutes from or 1900ish GMT so that ought be past your bedtime.

That's all for now - got to go see Barney asap!

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