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Thursday, 15 March 2018


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Although I share your contemot for Corbyn and the il-lib/non-dems, I think Corbyn was right to criticise May's russian response.

I posted some comments here:

UK has blocked all imports of gas from Russia.
Wrap up well.

Corbyn may well have got it right over Salibury and Iraq 2... Then we had the Suez crisis we helped create... We British should not burn the witch before evidence is found but we can go ahead and drown the Alt Hexen then apologise for the mistake fifty years later as we do..

Cuffers, I responded over at your place.

WJ, you may be right but the international gas market will, I suspect, find a way. Also, it wasn't us that spoiled relations with the 'Rooskie mafia', it was them pulling their highly dangerous and stupid tricks on a British street.

David, get a grip off yer long johns. We caused the slaughter off Iraqis in their thousands on the Blair lie and no sanctions. And the Russkies allegedly attempt to kill a traitor and we go mental. Salisbury will become a tourist trap soon with Dutch visitors and their camper wagons.

I'm surprised at you, Jimmy, but as you seem very relaxed with the idea of Russian thugs (Public or Private) attempting murder on our streets by means of poison, then I shall drop a line to my, er, 'comrade', Vlad the Impaler, and tell him next time to send his killers to 'Glasgie'!

David, we have enough Jock merchants of death on our streets although you would not be able to differentiate the accent if it was Glasgewian or Muscovite.

thanks for your comment Duffers, I agree that it was probably Russia, but I don't agree with with the way May is handling it.

What do you expect her to do?

Agreed, what can PM May do? Find some Russian diplos and shoot them? Expulsions and counter expulsions are the order of business. The Russians are who they are and what they are. Short of all out blood shed, causing Vlad to spend more money than the Russian economy can support is the best way forward. Maybe in Syria especially.

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