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Sunday, 18 March 2018


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I will have to eat it all myself - shame!

With lots of lovely thick whipped cream - absolute lashings of it. And seeing it is snowing in Zumerzet [chuckle, guffaw] washed down with a hot toddy [Pussers Rum with a squeeze of lemon juice]

I know, AussieD, it's a hard job doing one's duty but, dammit, I will try my best!

Bloody bald-faced, brazen, in your face, favouritism, I tell you!

How come JK is allowed to out his Saturday night goings-on as anecdotal supplements to his narrative while I get airbrushed!?

JK's entire life should be made into a film. That episode of dipping an F-16 wing in the brine after a dodgy launch off a carrier is probably just the tip of the JK iceberg! I'll bet there's more where that came from ...


Don't get so grumpy, SoD, it's only a chocolate cake and I'm sure there will be a few crumbs left if you make it down here next weekend!

the secret is, JK speaks proper English!

AussieD, I see you folks "down under" dodged a bullet...Matt Damon will not be moving to Oz after all!

Ref the choccie cake, being the cake was no doubt sourced in Dorset where the investigtion has now been extended, I'll wait to see if you and the little Memsahib get through the next 48 hours without "rising to the seventh state of inner awareness" Rooskie style!

In your case, would anyone know any different, I ask myself?


The perfect actor to play JK would be Gregory Peck who won the Academy Award for Best Actor by playing Atticus Finch in the film version of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. Unfortunately, Mr. Peck has not been available for some time.

Seriously, JK, you have a real talent for writing style. I enjoy your more literary comments tremendously and stand corrected about aping you. Natch I say ape 'cuz my ability for hillbillianese ain't no better than a monkey's. Tell you what, how about a Chicago accent. You know, instead of this that and those, dis, dat and doze? I never lived on the South Side, but I'll bet I could pull it off.

Also seriously, it's hard to understand why anyone, and I do mean anyone, ever thought taking on the FBI by firing Comey and McCabe could be a good idea. There were already the Russian and Stormy Daniels fronts. It's an unbelievable blunder to open a third.

You might be right about the public ever seeing Mueller's report:

In the interests of accuracy SoD, it was an F-14 (Tomcat) and I was in the backseat (where the electronics gear is, meaning; I had no control over the mishap). Also there were some indications the catapult crew "may've" pumped insufficient steam pressure behind the ram so "blame for the mishap" was spread.

It was kinda exciting in an odd sort of way though.

As I understand McCabe's firing Bob, the recommendation was the result of an internal review carried out from within the ranks of the FBI itself.

You may recall Comey's testimony before the Senate (Judiciary Cmte as I recall) wherein Senator Grassley directed two forms of a single question, "Did you ever leak to the media yourself?" "No," said Comey. "Did you ever authorize anyone under your authority to leak to the media?"

Comey's under oath to the latter likewise, "No."

McCabe insisted to the same committee he had been, "authorized to leak to the media" and though I can only surmise the likelihood (not being privy to, any level of the FBI) of McCabe's utterances to the IG Mr. Horowitz echoing what he'd testified to under oath previously was, I'm betting, was also extremely likely.

Whatever one's opinion of Attorney General Sessions personally and/or professionally I'd therefore appreciate he found himself in, however he acted; a very tricky situation.


Former Director Comey - again however regarded - I'd suggest stepped into his own species of dogshit with his first response in the Senate testimony because as he later testified (again, under oath) to the House, Former Director Comey at that time testified that he'd "given internal (FBI "owned") memos to a Columbia Law Professor of his personal acquaintance asking that Professor to deliver the material to the New York Times.

Whether Bob we'll ever get any production in however manner out of Mr. Mueller remains to be seen however we can expect to see an IG report.

And then there's the easy availability any journalist "worth his salt" can readily retrieve transcripts of from the archives of C-Span. Hell even I can do that Bob. All that's required is a desire to know Truth - something I don't see much evidence of (for instance) CNN's Don Lemon being much interested in.

May that axe be two blades and each razor sharp.

Says it all Bob, you reckon?


I didn't think our Brit friends would care about the details, but McCabe's firing was probably the result of the FBI's internal investigation. However, as I understand it, the act was ultimately the result of a decision by Sessions who appears to have done it just to avoid the wrath of The Donald. I'm not sure I buy that last part, because there's no way Sessions is going to avoid wrath for long, and it's hard to believe he's not smart enough to realize it. The firing just made him look like a toady.

All Trump had to do was not comment on the matter and he would have been home free. The blunder was going out of his way to tweet about it and give the appearance of a personal vendetta. It's been widely reported Trump has a grudge against McCabe because McCabe's wife ran for office as a Democrat. It certainly is a fine mess.


Just curious but, you ever found yourself just plain perplexed (or choose your adjective, "distressed, pissed off" over how many many times we've seen DC people who've obviously (sometimes even, illegally ... I'd suggest Lois Lerner for just one example) screw up and then suffer zero consequences?

That Bob, as I see it is but one of the woefully inadequate actions I've witnessed through the years/administrations, somebody proves up "a poor fit" gets fired and then thereafter enjoys the full benefits at the taxpayer's expense.

"It's been widely reported" is another of those Washington DC crowings that, over the decades Bob, has increasingly acted as a chicken bone sticks in my craw.

Too Bob, if I must point out where I've many a time and oft' typed in one of the many D&N comments my disapproval of tweets general and CinC tweets especial please advise and I'll hit the archives. However Bob I expect your memory is better than your judgement and so you'll allow as I've probably got better things to do.

David, you mean that photo is not of the Milborne Port town council?


What you might not understand (though I suspect you do) is Trump's chaotic management style is working against him and the Republican party. Not all his 2016 voters hate government as a basic principle or appreciate his reality TV antics. That was demonstrated in the recent Pennsylvania election in which a Democrat won a long Republican-held House district Trump had won by over 20 points.

Between Hodges and Hitchens, Hitchens is the more correct because he seems to understand the value of free speech and political discussion.

"Hitchens is the more correct because he seems to understand the value of free speech and political discussion"
That "value" is evaporating on Western college campi, both here and Britain it seems. What sort of politician will it take to eventually focus on that lost art and loudly, even crudely point it out? I know of one right now and if he does, with speeches or Twitter, Academia will fly into a permanent case of vapors...hugely! Soon I hope.


No, I'm not perplexed by the workings of DC in cases like Learner's. Her lack of malfeasance was determined by a DOJ investigation. Sessions didn't have any stomach to revive the case because the result wouldn't have been any different and he'd have looked like a failure. Anyway, she lost her job and partisans on both sides were unhappy. Partisanship colors everything in government. That seems to be what you're having a hard time understanding.

"Widely reported" is an annoying cliche. I use it here instead of writing out that news outlets both liberal and conservative have reported similarly. It's lazy, but until I get a raise I'm using it.

Bob? Seriously?

"Her lack of malfeasance was determined by a DOJ investigation."

Of course I freely admit my feeling as to how impartial that DoJ investigation resulted might be colored by the result of however the current and upcoming IG review occurring in this administration's scope of the recently past action the DoJ under that administration: however, by all indications thus far (IG Horowitz') inquiring resulting in a recommendation to fire an Assistant Director of the FBI, as David has occasionally put it, "I hae me doots" [apologies to Jimmy Glesga if I din't get the pronunciation c'rect]

In spite of however many and vociferous former AGs Holder and Lynch choose to utter.


Far as Bob, your analysis of the most recent PA 18th goes I'd only suggest you orter've read my comment on another site which I'll brief here on D&N:


Conor Lamb's media spot [top link] at the range bearing an AR-15 - also stating he, personally, "Opposes abortion." Decidedly not traditionally-Democrat-candidate-material.

Here's Pennsylvania's own State-Government's county-by-county count total county of votes - pay Especial attention to what's nearest the urban population.

I JK would humbly suggest, Pennsylvania's (soon to be ended) District 18 actually isn't much to judge by."


Having watched today's "Sunday Shows" (all channels Bob) I stand as I positioned then when the race's final results were tallied.

Whitewall, I agree, but think it's probably just a social phase that will eventually go away by itself.



"In January 2014, James Comey, who at the time was the FBI director, told Fox News that its investigation had found no evidence so far warranting the filing of federal criminal charges in connection with the controversy, as it had not found any evidence of "enemy hunting", and that the investigation continued. On October 23, 2015, the Justice Department declared that no criminal charges would be filed. On September 8, 2017, the Trump Justice Department declined to reopen the criminal investigation into Lois Lerner, a central figure in the controversy.

In October 2017, subject to judicial approval, the Trump Administration agreed to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 400 conservative nonprofit groups who claimed that they had been discriminated against by the Internal Revenue Service. The settlement includes an apology from the IRS and a monetary portion characterized by an attorney for the plaintiffs as "very substantial.""

I forgot about the lawsuit. A cynic might suspect the Trump lawyers thought it would be a dandy way to channel money to conservative groups.

On PA18:

"Lamb did not run as a Trump supporter. He ran against the tax cuts, not for them. His abortion stance was a lot like that of Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) — while personally opposing abortion, he was against new restrictions on the procedure, a position that inspired a Family Research Council ad comparing him to Kim Jong Un."

We're probably going to see a lot more Democratic candidates tailored to local politics to take advantage of Trump's unpopularity.


I missed that Comey/Fox interview so, would you know whether Mr. Comey was meaning it as "a matter" or rather an actual, "investigation"?

Reason I think I may gain something in the understanding has to do with how Mr. Comey later "adjusted" his public vice his Congressional presentations, transcripts of his Congressional stuff being available on C-Span.

"No" in response to whether he'd ever leaked then the, paraphrased, "Well I [maybe did though my friendship with] handed some stuff over to a Columbia Law Professor who delivered my stuff to the NYT."

I'm not of course Bob implying while Mr. Comey contradicted himself [lied] under oath he'd dared done the same thing in a FOX interview within which studio he'd maybe not been asked to raise his right hand.

I'm getting outta the office for the remainder of the day Bob, Toodles.

"Sorry but we need to talk about Germany" ...

"German government officials say they are upbeat, given ... Warsaw’s pending loss of Britain as an ally opposing further euro zone expansion."

"“Merkel has the chance to make clear to the Polish government that Europe’s democrats must stand together against Putin and Trump, also for the sake of Poland,” said Franziska Brantner, foreign policy spokeswoman for the German Greens."

You can see the way this is going now.

Three big players: US, EU, and RF. The RF legitimized by Merkel, re-energized by Nord Stream 2, and emboldened by Trump.

And which detached state that none of them have any obligations to will they be using as a football to kick about between them as they wheel and deal and squabble amongst themselves?

Nord Stream 2 will render Ukraine an irrelevance when the gas transit via the Baltic outflanks her. She will cease to be a football.

The one industry the EU and RF don't have for themselves is finance.

Welcome to Ukraine II, Brexiteer-muppets! Opening shots fired in the Maltings, Salisbury.


You're very excitable for 9.00am on a Monday morning, SoD! Any effort by 'Mutti' Merkel to extend EU powers any further is likely to cause even more alarm not just in Poland but in all the East European countries. And I wouldn't put much faith in the prognostications of a German Green!

Matt Damon will not be moving to Oz after all!

Whitewall he would not be allowed in. We are a bit rough around the edges down here but we do have standards.

So how will Plucky Little Blighty avoid being a football, and become a player?

Clue ...

Blighty could do with some decent aircraft for those two carriers of ours. And flick a V-sign at the Yanks and the F-35 vapourware ...

And the Chinese could do with a vast Freeport in the middle of the Atlantic to assemble and store their stuff for sale to the US and EU. And flick another V-sign to the Yanks and Euros.

And both China and Blighty could do with fusing their finance industries together. Common law, property rights, jurisdictions in China - "Finance Freeports" at their end adhering to international rules and regs and Blighty's know-how to legitimize the Chinese finance industry globally and develop it internally. And flick an enormous V-sign to the world.

As for SoD's industry, the tech industry, well, the limits are endless ...

If the system has collapsed, and you're now the football being kicked around at the bottom of the system, it's no use appealing to the system to help you. You've got to reach outside the system to a bigger power to get your peace and prosperity.

This is the enduring lesson of power, aptly portrayed in the genius series "Peaky Blinders". The "Peaky Blinders" are being clobbered by a US mafia gang. Alfie Solomon's (you have to watch this series, Gaffer, just for this character: A sweary, cockney accented Jewish gang leader played by Tom Hardy) tells it like it is to his friend Tommy Shelby, the Peaky Blinders' boss: "Big fucks small".

What Alfie doesn't know is Tommy Shelby has reached past the US mafia gang to a bigger US mafia gang, that of Al Capone.

Job done.


Merkel will offer Poland loads of discounted Leopard 2's, an increase in Jerry spending on defence to 2% of GDP and a meaningful defence pact (as in NATO is not meaningful anymore), cheaper oil and gas than via Ukraine, Putin off her back.

Now that America and Britain have deserted her, she has no choice.

I am reminded of the knifing scene from Saving Private Ryan: Shhh, shhhh, shhh, Poland ...

What you did, 23rd June, 2016.



The right's tendency to make crooks and villains out of the law enforcement and intelligence services rather than believe Trump could be the problem strengthens my respect for PR techniques. We've seen this movie before, though. Nixon's supporters were steadfast until the congressional Republicans turned on him to save the party's credibility. It looks like history could be repeating itself.



I worked in cooperation with Chinese companies in consumer electronics. Don't count on them doing much more than studying your technology for their own purposes.


Well if their own purposes is to sell us some airplanes to put on our carriers, I'm not sure we'd be bothered.

We might have done better buying the carriers from them - this one's got electromagnetic launchers ...

That would have saved poor ol' JK the shock of his life with those old steam powered launchers you use over there!

I was speaking with a mate who works in the pharma industry last Friday in the boozer. He said their company is developing some new drug for something or other for £100M research cost. Then they've accrued for £200M cost chasing down Chinese companies ripping the drug off!

Sounds like a place that needs some Freeports with good ol' Blighty's common law, property rights, and rules and regs as a start point for compliance and acceptance with international trade standards. Who better to help her with that than good ol' Blighty.

And their hinterland country-bumpkins can carry on doing the rip-off stuff to give the locals some quality of life.



Something you might want to consider when buying Chinese equipment:

This was just the latest story I could find with a quick search. The Chinese have been doing this for decades. It would be a shame if they could turn off those mass launchers at their convenience.

Americans owe thanks for Blighty's superior privacy laws. Since the data were processed in the UK, a suit can be filed:

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