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Sunday, 25 March 2018


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I mean, when did you ever catch a decent British chap cheating at cricket

As for the Australian team then starting with the Coach they should all be flogged and then dismissed the service.

And to answer your question Duffers I give you

AussieD that link seems empty?

No good complaining, Whiters, he's probably fast asleep 'down under there'!

A friend of my wife's ran into Ringo in a pub in London some years ago. She approached him and said something innocuous like thanking him for The Beatles' music. She said he then started screaming at her to go away, leave him alone and so on. She tried to apologize, which only made him scream louder. It was a bad day or he is something of a nutter. Not that most people wouldn't be after having led his life.

David, I have a burning question about the good people of New Zealand play the game at all or just not well enough to talk about?

No, Bob, he's not "a nutter", he's a 'Scouser'. The difference can sometimes be difficult to separate!

Now, Whiters, as I am sure you know, today is not a good day to raise the subject of New Zealand cricket to an Englishman!

I'll bet some who watch that interview might be up all night. Well, maybe as much as four hours at most.

G'day Whitewall.

It works at this end. It is to do with the admission by the then England captain that they cheated in the 2005 Ashes series.

I suspect that given the antics of the major countries involved in Cricket that G-D has removed it from the list of games played in Heaven. That leaves only Rugby Union.

Not that I am likely to be able to check that out having been a paid killer according to the various peaceniks I have encountered during my lifetime and so obviously destined for the other place.

Ms Daniels is a shining example of the beauty of the cantilever.

AussieD, and here I thought cricket was a gentleman's game! Seems rugby, while not so refined, is more of a man's game?

G'day Whitewall,

The Colonies took the gentleman's game of cricket and perfected it into an instrument of war wielded with absolute enthusiasm. Rugby Union however has always been an instrument of war just lacking some of the finesse of cricket.

I am a devotee of both but alas was a very poor player whose enthusiasm far outweighed any proficiency.

They have been our way of rebellion while still loyal to our common sovereign.

Ah, political as well I see!

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