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Sunday, 04 March 2018


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"As an amateur thespian, Green developed a keen ear for the absurd, whether on-stage or off. He was always nervous about the actor’s traditional cri de guerre “break a leg”, having once done just that by falling off stage and being ferried to hospital dressed as an 18th-century pirate complete with eye patch and wooden leg."

That gets SoD's "Beyond the awesome horizon and into magical legend" award.



Thank you D and N! I've never been able to put a face to the man, and only heard a very short interview with him ages ago.

Am now going to seek out his two novels again!

"the Vice Index in which they keep track of spending on gambling, alcohol, drugs and prostitution:" Whew! Fishing has yet to make the list!

Re the Chinese, there are a lot of them, however none of them are ten feet tall as some hysterical Westerners seem to believe.

And, Whiters, it takes a secret police force the size of an army to keep the various disparate regions in line!

Vice with respect to retail sales is an interesting correlation. Here are some others:

Re EU negotiations.
Ms Daly has a point. But additionally the EU is concerned with maintaining as much power, wealth and prestige as possible, and should they start being reasonable with us others will expect the same- and then where will they be.
It seems to me that in bending over backwards to be as conciliatory as possible Mrs. May has afforded the EU multiple opportunities to appear unreasonable, even bullying. They've hardly missed any.
At this rate we'll have a majority for leaving at any price even greater than that shown in Mr. Blair's Facebook poll.

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