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Thursday, 22 March 2018


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A well written article! The handy work of elites, academics and "experts" about how to run the lives of more than two dozen distinct nations who must be subservient to a central authority on the continent. What could possibly go wrong? Add to the mix migrants from foreign countries who should never have been allowed inside Europe to begin with. Then to add fuel to the fire, governments concoct social policy to accommodate those who can't or won't assimilate into the host country. The native populations are put to disadvantage and even criminal prosecution if they engage in "wrong speak" against criminal acts by newcomers.

This mixture is going to blow wide open one day. Home governments who have abused their own people, all the while sitting protected themselves, will be harshly dealt with I imagine.

Indeed, I can't imagine we'll have enough lampposts, we should perhaps start building some....

Here's a laugh.

Those Brexiteers were supposed to be free market, free trade, pro-competition, "open for business", anti- protectionism?

Well not when it comes to having Blighty's new blue passports printed, apparently ...

A Dutch-French company has beaten British rivals to the business, and the Brexiteers are up-in-arms about it, demanding May takes protectionist action!

Their true colours shine through: Protectionist, socialist, nationalist.

And liars.

FFS, you couldn't make it up.


And another joker at the Wapo ...

What?! You voted Trump and isolationism! You dissed NATO. You lost the solidarity of the West when you handed back control to Europe and the Jerries.

Now you're wondering why everyone's going their own way, which isn't your way anymore.

The dumb-ass free-lunch brigade really hit the big time with Brexit and Trump.


Quite so sod, and I would invite you to peruse my commenst at:

Thanks for the link Duffers, and also there is a good article by AEP in the lefty rag formerly known as the torygraph on how much better prepared the UK is than euroland for the next recession.


The president of the united states just congratulated the head of state of a country that attacked Britain with chemical weapons.

So did the heads of state of the EU and Germany.

And some people are still asking what Putin had to gain from murdering Skripal and daughter? Might I venture to suggest: The confirmation of his wildest dreams come true.

The predator has split the herd. The weakest one is first prey.

Well Brexiteers, you wanted Blighty to stand alone. I think it safe to say you got your way.


Helluva week that one David - one hundred years ago ...

G'day JK

You may find this of interest.

By George and all the Saints! The herd is back together again - minus the heffalump (rhymes with) ...

007 did the trick! On arrival back at the office, "Miss Moneypenny, big bonus for me this year, and what are your knickers still doing on?"

Nord Stream 2. That's the tester. Will the herd pull the plug?

The plot sickens.


Minus the Heffalump ...


I tell you, Putin has made a mistake. He shot his bolt too early. He should have waited until after Blighty exited the EU.

If he had done Skripal and daughter after Brexit had been completed he would have got a different reaction from the EU and 27 states i.e. the reaction he wanted: Gallic shrug, Jerry "vot ever", Juncker "we love Rooskie bear".

But while Blighty is still in the EU, this, the second chemical weapon attack by Russia against he UK, has to induce a collective response. Even the Latinos and Greeks reluctantly have to respond.

And what does this mean for Brexit?

If the Remainers can bring this to the attention of the hoi-poloi, that Blighty needs the EU - and the Leavers can remind the EU that they need Blighty - the future relationship between UK and EU could be quite something.

Thanks for that one Vlad. "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake" and all that.


I see that Juncker has said, "If Selmayr goes, I go!"

Well, I think there's something we can all agree on, "Bye, bye, Selmayr"!

Can Blighty somehow use the Brexit transition period to foment the rebels - Ost Bloccers, Nordics - to bump off Juncker and Selmayr and install an executive that is pro-Britain for Britain's defence capability, right of centre, de-centralized pro-nation-state stance?

And might that new EU executive make Britain an offer it can't refuse to stay in the EU?


Dream on, SoD!

Well your darling Janet Daley agrees with my analysis ...

Her conclusion is different though.

She thinks that with the UK and EU thrust back together in each other's arms again by Vlad and the Heffalump, Brexit will still continue, but more amicably.

She might be right.

But if the Nordics, Ost Bloccers, and Verhofstadt get their shit together and oust Juncker and Selmayr, their new prez might make Blighty an offer to stay she can't refuse.

It's going to be a damn close run thing, whether we Brexit or Remain.

Whichever we do, Brexit will not mean Brexit, and Remain won't be anything like it was before.

And funny thing is, I'm not sure if I mind which way it goes.

What a blunder by Vlad. And what an unintended gift from the Heffalump.

This is top class entertainment, that's for sure. McMafia and Game of Thrones are gonna have to lift their game to get my attention if this keeps going into the next seasons.


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