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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


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I remember THEM telling us that if the AIDS epidemic continued at its then present rate we'd all be infected next week (or sometime soon anyway). And I also remember THEM telling us that AIDS was spread by the same mechanism as hepatitis B. And I also remember thinking "If both those things are true we should all be infected with hepatitis B by now" and wondering why anybody believed anything THEY tell us.

HIV-Aids became the first disease with its own politically allowed range of speech and comment. That was simply because of the group of people primarily stricken with the disease due to behavior. This group of people now have won the right to "same sex marriage". They aren't done yet.

It was "Mad cow disease" that was gonna make us all goners. All that happened was Lord Gummer didn't need beef to turn him mad and we ended up with a dozy incompetent home secretary becoming head mad cow.

Meanwhile London's rozzers are keeping you safe

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