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Monday, 23 April 2018


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David, you've evidently bought into the idea that only Trump can fix it. China, France, Germany, Russia, the UK, the EU, and Iran are all participants in the agreement:

Trump can only act unilaterally on behalf of the US.

And that, Bob, will be enough to put the cat among the pidgeons!

The Israelis still might be able to stay off the hook and do nothing if (1) Bolton can persuade a "coalition of the reluctant" out of the Hairies to head to Syria in place of their daisies-up comrades who went before them, and (2) persuade Trump he can claim victory and displacement of US troops by Hairies, even though the US 2,000 actually remain in theatre ...

Result for the Zionists! Bait-and-bleed 2.0. Result, albeit fake, for the Don. But he likes fake, so it'll probably happen.

Then the ball is back in the Syria, Rooskie, Iran court. Tricky for them, they've got a triple layered adversary: Hairies with decent kit (Saudis have got Javelin ATGM's) in the front rank, US aircover and saturation artillery up second, and the Israelis as the reserve in third.

In other words, back to square one for all Vlad's, Assad's, and the Mad Mullah's 7 years of efforts.

Quoting JK: "Rinse and repeat".


Nice to hear the enemy's hurting good 'n' proper - makes Brexit and Novichok look like mere insect bites ...

Courtesy Israel media, good source, as the Gaffer says.


When looking at anything involving Israel it is best to remember a quote from Golda Meier "We have nowhere to go but the sea and before that we may as well fight"

"Never again" is not a meaningless slogan in Israel. In good old Aussie jargon it is "fair dinkum mate".

I watch the RT (Russian) news just for a laugh and note they are not Israeli friendly. The Russians did carry out pogroms against Jews.
The Soviets who were inspired by the likes of Trotsky who was a Jew still jailed Jews after World War 11 and did kill Trotsky.
You can trust the Russians no more than the Peoples Front for Judea.

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