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Friday, 27 April 2018


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I think it is simply that he was finally made to understand that if he tried anything he would be glass; a message Obama had failed to spell out with adequate clarity.

Well, coercive diplomacy by a non traditional president helps. Also a SecDef like James "Mad Dog" Mattis helps. The addition of a new SecState in ex CIA boss Pompeo might help. And maybe the Chief Chink Xi figures that things have changed in DC and not the professional failure we have had from various think tanks and State Dept desks re: Korea. DC is where the panic is and Asia is where the uncertainty is.

We shall see.


" ... Xi, his exceedingly powerful neighbour to the north ... "

It is not solely China to DRPK's north, there's Russia too.

(And you know what the NYT and the WaPo have to say about "the bosom buddies.")

Fuggetaboutit, JK, beneath the flim-flam, Russia is a broken, rusted, clapped out wreck!

It would be wise to remember that countries, for example Germany in the 1930s, are often dangerous when under pressure. Also, what we've seen from the PRNK so far might only be posturing similar to what they've done in the past.


At the 1:34 mark NightWatch (John McCreary) is "sourced as authoritative:

Simply advise if you'd like me retrieve the precise reports directly. Have to be email though as you'll recall there's a paywall.

I'm with Bob.

When the Dotard is history, a pretext will be found and Rocket Man will be straight back to his, errr, rockets.

Rocket Man's Dad did this peace and goodwill crap several times.


We may not know what's going on in Korea or America, but I'll tell you something that is going on in Russia: This man will die before Xmas ...


Nobel Peace Prize for Mr.Trump I think

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