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Saturday, 21 April 2018


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I think you are bit ungracious to our Donald. Only one thing has changed compared with, say, a couple of years ago. Fatty is the same; the Chinese are the same; the South Koreans and Japanese are the same. But the one thing that has changed is - THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT!

Fair point, BOE.

Fenby's analysis is sound. Within the limits set by China the PRNK has gotten what it wants: It's a nuclear power which Trump has given credibility by meeting personally with Kim (unless he changes his mind first). The larger point is that NK still serves China as a trade partner and buffer against SK, Japan and the West.

We have seen a few decades of successful diplomatic failure by the Western allies vs NK. I've had it with more analyses based on the past. BOE is right about the difference. Kim is unpredictable, but now there is a new unpredictable in the White House. What was always the ultimate risk, missiles reigning down on Seoul, SK has been eclipsed by an even greater risk: a brash, undiplomatic and crude outsider to politics and worse-to Washington-might, just might be able to pull off a fair amount of success against NK. It may be a long shot, but who could have predicted the circumstances of today?

So basically the Chinese wound up doing what President Trump wanted them to do. He used the leverage of the threat of a trade war to make them curb their dog. Art of the deal.

Timbo: Yep.

Don't know David, you bein' English an' all, you'll unnerstand my paralleling the old US trope Mars Needs Women to what the Norkie Establishment might be recognizing in Trump's past known accomplishments.

Might have to ask Jimmy Glesga for his take on what the sort of "accomplishments" I've in mind. Trump you may remember David, fairly recently had some dealings in Scotland?

Might be - since Trump and building golf courses are known to go together "like peas and carrots" Fatty recognizes an opportunity the Western World hasn't even got on its radar?

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