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Monday, 16 April 2018


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Agreed. It is in the little things that we get the measure of the man. If he had something important or interesting to say, then he could be forgiven for breaking cover and stating his case. But retailing pointless gossip and spite means that he will merely be labelled as a man who shouldn't have risen to high office in the first place.

No there is no honor or decency left in Washington. Much too much power at stake with the sheer uncontrollable size and scope of Central Government. America was not designed to operate with nearly all power in DC and a pittance left to the states. We have an elected government by the people who buy the illusion that we are in charge. We have an Administrative Government-Deep State(Swamp)-that answers to hardly nobody, and now we see we have a Shadow Government of weaponized Federal law enforcement agencies. The last two governments I mention are now exposed and will defend themselves at any cost. The have become, not above the law, but outside the law.

In America almost half the population will always see government as overbearing and corrupt because it will be on the wrong side of party and philosophy, and democracy can only be respected if their side is "winning". Besides, being human, politicians are always irresponsible or corrupt to some extent, and lying is in the job description.

Comey comes off like a loopy, politicized, overgrown Boy Scout. His sensibilities are far too delicate for an FBI director and creature of Washington, and he also seems to lack impulse control. His interview remarks and the excerpts from his book are a collection of vengeful, trolling, schoolyard taunts intended to make Trump feel sad. In many ways the Washington environment has hit its lowest low since the Nixon administration.

Bob, more of a Mean Girl than Boy Scout I would say.

For you Bob.


I tried to answer yesterday, but D&N was offline. Mark Stoler's version of events seems overly complicated and full of innuendo. One might even type "full of conspiracy theory". Wikipedia:

"The scandal led to a criminal investigation; no one was charged for the leak itself. Scooter Libby was convicted of lying to investigators."

I don't remember anything in the news about a war between Comey and Cheney, though Cheney probably wouldn't be the kind of guy Comey would like, and Comey wouldn't have been alone. Remember the Cheney charm?:

Valerie Plame, who claims to be of Jewish descent herself, tweeted an article about American Jews boosting wars, but that was last year and she was contrite after first doubling down:

I couldn't find anything indicating Wilson and Plame are anti-semites or anything close. Stoler just might have an axe to grind.

Well Bob,

"[T]he pardon of Libby is a long-overdue recognition that he was framed by testimony from Judith Miller, falsely misrepresented — as Ms. Miller repeated last week — by one of Mueller and Comey’s closest professional associates, Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald knew Libby was blameless and was just trying to take down the vice president by extorting false inculpatory evidence from his chief of staff. President George W. Bush’s refusal to pardon Libby was itself unpardonable. In doing this now, Mr. Trump has served justice and put the spotlight more closely on the whole Mueller-Comey-Fitzgerald school of fascistic prosecution. (Fitzgerald was my prosecutor in Chicago in 2007 and we caught the government in lies almost every day; all of these people would be disbarred in any other judicially serious country, such as Britain or Canada.)"

I reckon some think otherwise.

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