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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


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I didn't say Corbyn's winning the next election would be your fault, I said the damage he will do would be massive now that YOU removed the EU rules and regs that would otherwise restrain him.

If he switches Labour to remain in the Customs Union, and thereby neutralizes the border problem in Northern Ireland and retains all the trade deals the EU has negotiated for us, then he will get elected, and it will be YOUR fault. But at the moment he's hard Brexit, like you, so I can't pin that one on you.


Tell me SoD, have you visited Planet Earth recently?

There is no border issue in NI. It is an issue of the EU's making. Voting leave meant leaving it ALL, that means the Single Market, Customs Union, the EU and the ECJ, which is exactly what Schauble stated - you are either in or out, there is no halfway.


The EU has Customs Union only members, Turkey for example ...

And Blighty is mulling over the Customs Union as an option ...

The single market is indivisible, but choosing where in that Euler diagram a state wishes to reside, in or out of the single market, customs union, etc., is a choice the EU is happy to allow the nation states to make - as evidenced by the spread of them all over the a la carte layout.

There is nothing in the June 23rd referendum or anywhere else, except in the warped minds of hard Brexiteers, that says that Blighty has to disappear off the Euler diagram completely.


Actually, I forgot.

Corbyn is in favour of remaining in the Customs Union ...

"Labour has held meetings in Brussels with Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, setting out Jeremy Corbyn's plans to keep Britain in the Customs Union if he comes to power."

So, as it stands, Corbyn will win the next election. The Customs Union retains all the trade deals the EU has negotiated for us, using the EU's bigger clout. Business understands that advantage and will trumpet it. It neutralizes the ROI / NI border issue. The hoi-polloi understand the advantage of that and will vote for it.

If the Brexiteers don't U-turn on the Customs Union, we'll be having a Marxist Blighty at the next election.

And there'll be no Single Market restraints or EU political restrictions on what Corbyn can do. Nationalization with no competitive tendering. 90% top rate tax. Year round strikes from a belligerent unionized work force. Rooskie agents operating at will with CW's. Bankruptcy and the IMF bailing Blighty out as it did in the 1970's. The Venezuala of Europe.

All because of YOUR vote on 23rd June 2016.


Fascinating article describing how the regional groupings of the EU are strengthening their action now Brexit has deprived them of an ally or enemy, depending on where the regional grouping sat relative to the political trajectory of Blighty. And how this political energy, now unleashed from Blighty's vice like grip, is driving the nation states closer together around the agendas of the EU, not further apart ...

Linked to from this FT article ...

Blighty really is gonna find out the breadth and depth meaning of "Billy-no-mates" in due course.


"National leaders want to roll back integration on other fronts — for example, by regaining full control over the appointment of the next European Commission president. Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska says these efforts suggest that “the irony of Brexit is that the EU is becoming more British, just as the UK is leaving the EU”."

Hahaha! YF muppets! Dunkirk-ed when you shoulda D-Day-ed.


Go on Mrs T ...

... Stick the knife into BoJo and Fox!

Just do it!


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