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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


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The Russian people are in dire need of a supply of "red pills". Until they see the difference between truth and lie, they will live under the rule of evil men.

No doubt Alexey will wish to comment, but basically yes!

I can also say with some authority that bucking the system is now a firmly established Russian tradition, and that when it comes to tests and exams, the amount of cheating that goes on is staggering. The adults are even worse than the children FFS!!!

Mind you, in the days of Communism, you HAD to buck the system and you HAD to cheat in order to survive. The wonderful thing is that this particular culture has come full circle and is now biting Putin up the arse.

In the good old bad old days, the media was 100% controlled by the State.
Now of course the information Genie is well and truly out of the bottle and there is no getting it back in Why? Because the Russian expertise in bucking the system remains and in consequence, Russia currently possesses the finest computer hackers, social media pros and I.T. specialists in the whole world. In consequence, any attempts to place restrictions on the web such as banning Facebook or LinkedIn are doomed to failure before they start because the Russian people will ALWAYS find a way around it.

Actually, I was not going to comment, given our last battle here. Nor I am going to convince anybody...
It's a big misconception to consider non-government ownership of media as a guarantee of truth and objectiveness.
It's a big simplification to have an attitude like "all the Russian is lie, all the Western is true". I cannot adopt it. Simplification is the first (and the most) mean of brainwashing.
It's pretty easy to label. But when it comes to the facts, logics and arguments, when it comes to inconvenient questions these "labelers" have nothing to say in response. They just hang another labels, such as "Russian propaganda", "payed trolls" and stuff like that. Nothing changes from case to case.
If Russia and her deeds was in fact as they are depicted in Western media, if all the stuff you get from them was true, and if all the Russian media stuff was false - then the West would definetely disrupted all(yes, ALL) the ties and isolated it like North Korea. But now we cannot even see a ghost of Western unity on that issue. Therefore there are two options: either the things are not as they are shonwn in media or the West has something to conceal too

Surely I do not advocate/condemn ALL the examples of both sides' media-products. The truth is always somethere in the middle.


Few in America think "all the Western is true". We do, however, often disagree on which news is "fake". Despite what you might hear, it's a tradition dating back to colonial times.

Agreed, Alexey.

Although there are a lot of disadvantages that come with advances in information technology (some of them very worrying) it has made it almost impossible for ANY government to dictate what the truth is to its people, or TO cover up its own lies, and that HAS to be a good thing.

Even if it were true that the Russian or the American government is so crooked that, if they swallowed a nail, they would shit a corkscrew, in America, at least, and, extrapolating, we assume the Russians, as surely as our own beloved government are kept "honest", sort of, by their own ineptitude. Honest is in quotes because one assumes that any honesty is accidental, but thank God for their ineptitude!

Richard, not as a reciprocity but... it is a perfect thing that @it's almost impossible for ANY government to dictate what the truth is to its people@. I beleive the technoligies has already passed the threshold before which the spread of information could be stopped and restricted. Ufortunately there will always be those who will exploit it in a bad way. Nobody will be able to tackle it... And it's people's task to think and to distinguish.

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