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Monday, 09 April 2018


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It's almost like the New World Order has failed miserably and the common folk are revolting. Wonder what comes next from the Brussels types and the common people in Reaction?

A thug on my side is quite welcome when the communist thugs of the EU. are in control I can’t wait for the third reich to be disuninited by the latter day reluctant commies of the late USSR. Such fun.

What a load of old baloney, Gaffer.

Out of all the post-fall of the USSR states that joined the EU, the split of democratically acceptable from democratically doubtful is not that bad: -

Top of the class ...

- Finland*
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Estonia
- Czech Republic (teacher's pet)
- Slovakia

Could do better (but joined later) ...

- Romania
- Bulgaria
- Croatia

Remedial ...

- Hungary
- Poland

Still trying to pass the entrance exam ...

- Ukraine

* Was neutral pre-fall of the USSR, but joined EU when USSR collapsed

Now if Blighty had stayed loyal to its time-honoured role of spreading democracy, separation of powers, rule of law, individual freedom, freedom of the press, free opposition, etc. etc., as you rightly and triumphantly observe it has done in the past ...

Top of the class ...

- US
- Canada (born out of wedlock)
- Oz
- NZ
- Israel (adopted, then returned to its roots)
- Japan
- South Korea

Could do better

- India
- Probably a few others I can't think of off the top of my head


- Pakistan
- Just about anywhere in Africa
- Probably a few others I can't think of off the top of my head

... then it would be in there with the EU trying to get Blighty's time-honoured principles engendered into the Novichoks on the Eastern edge of Europe.

Instead, you did you know what and the EU is standing alone trying to keep the Novichoks up to scratch all on its own.

Even the Krauts are now showing their Hunnish inner character, and cosying up to the Rooskies, Ribbentrop-Molotov style, and you have rendered Blighty near powerless to stop it.

The end outcome will be a European Continent dominated by single power in which we have no say-so, in this case a Russo-German pact, with every state therein run by a mini-Vlad.

In other words, the West's worst nightmare. A state of affairs in continental Europe against which we have railed with countless blood and treasure for a thousand years.

Shame on you Brexiteers. When you pop your clogs you're going to have to explain to all those Tom's, from Hastings to the Fall of Berlin, why you couldn't cope with the Jaw-Jaw world they bequeathed you - bequeathed you with ten centuries of their War-War and sacrifice.

Actually you won't be meeting them of course, because you'll be going to a different place than they are for putting that x in the box 23rd June 2016.


Just re-read that.

By George and all the Saints, I was feeling a bit low this morning, but I feel much better now, thank you very much!


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