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Friday, 20 April 2018


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"Finally, there will be no discrimination on the grounds of colour or race"

A black Macbeth would be more likely to be stopped and searched for daggers, which could compromise the outcome of the play.

David, I know we mourned the fabulous Michael Green recently, but you have beaten me to another Coarse Acting post.

In one of his other books, 'The Art of Coarse Sport', he has a chapter (13) on Coarse Acting.

This morning there were tears of laughter, and I've been giggling all day at one particular passage which I'll reproduce here: - (He's talking about Coarse Actors only having very small parts)...

"I have watched happily from behind my tray of drinks while everyone else on the stage was trying to get out of the situation of having started to say the lines from the next act! Leaning on my spear, I have enjoyed the spectacle of a Shakespearean King declaring war on the wrong country and then trying to rectify his mistake by another hastily contrived announcement of hostilities"!

I just cannot stop laughing at the fabulous fun he must have had in writing all those gold-plated books. I'm so glad I have nearly all of them and I'll probably start them all over again very soon!

You were very fortunate knowing him.

I don't understand your problem. Just look at Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, a prince played by a woman works extremely well.

Oh yes it does.

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