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Friday, 27 April 2018


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Somewhere in little Alfie's thought processes, such as they may be, he knows he is hanging on to his mum and that whatever may be the future for the time being he is safe.

I can not even begin to comprehend the anguish of his parents and the mind shattering weight of the decision they may have to make.

The NHS has done all it could do. As the parents have various offers of help that cost the NHS nothing, they should be allowed to get on with it.

David, you have hit the heart of it:
"Perhaps I am wrong, I frequently am, but I sometimes gain the distinct impression that consideration of 'expert' opinions far outweighs the human feelings of love that imbue most parents."

For the NHS to spend resources on the boy when they don't actually have any idea how to help him would be wrong- very likely those resources could be deployed to help in a case where they do know what to do.
But to prevent the parents from exploring other options is evil and arrogant. To say otherwise involves assuming that the NHS is omniscient, peopled by gods. And it assumes that the State owns the boy.

I understand that Alfie has been granted Italian citizenship and they are willing to provide him with care at no expense to the NHS. In this case I don't see why the UK authorities don't just let him go.

Timbo, you think it is better the child dies in Italy and the Catholic propoganda prevails. Sorry pal miracles only happen when decided by the Vatican and they erect a new shrine to keep the masses docile.

I agree with all of you.

The arrogance of the British state and all its extensions like the NHS is astonishing and terrifying.

Good call on June 23rd 2016 then?

Remember Ashya King, the boy whose parents took him to Prague to get proton beam therapy instead of chemotherapy? He's well, btw. The NHS threw everything at his Mum and Dad. Accused them of being religious irrationals, even though their judgements were based on what the cancer head medical honcho in Europe advised: Modern Proton Beam therapy would be better than Chemo. And now the NHS has got Proton Beam, they recommend it too.

Why you want to be locked in with these literal psychopaths is a mystery to me.


No Jimmy, Timbo doesn't think Alfie would be better or worse off with the Left Footers or the Proddies. He thinks the parents should decide.

Just wait til the North / South border closes, you can get stuck right back into them again for whatever remains of the rest of your life, keep you happy.


Loz, how do you know what Timbo was thinking. And your extended comment about borders and proddies etc sounds like you are a fundamentalist religious nutter.
I disagree that the family can inflict further pain on a child who is dying. So why was the Pope and Italy involved if it was a family matter!

Let's not get too sentimental over parents and their children. There are enormous numbers of parents who should have their children removed from them. The state is entitled, on our behalf, to interfere between parents and children where it is deemed necessary for the sake of the child. However, it is our duty, via the press, to keep a close eye on proceedings. Everyone concerned comes under the heading of 'Peeps' and thus mistakes are certain to arise. That is why, from a distance well outside of the situation, I refrained from making specific allegations.

I see little Alfie has died. Now what about the other part of the story? That part about authorities monitoring comments about what people were saying on social media about the power of the State etc.

I honestly can't believe your last comment, Gaffer.

Lucky for you lot I am lost for words.

I shall just leave the comment to speak for itself.




Alfie's Law ...

The last chance to stop the murdering British state and its accomplices, like the Gaffer, turning Blighty into a socialist death camp.

Or a vote to get back into the EU and encourage Brussels to extend human rights law and single market choice to parents like Ashya's and Alfie's, so as to allow them to get the best treatment across 28 states.

Do you get it yet? Or do you need more time?


"He died in hospital with police standing guard at his door" ...

... How appropriate, incarcerated with camp commandants lording it over him, rather than at home in the arms of his loving parents. Blighty's first socialist death camp victim.

Well, I guess we invented the concentration camp, so upping the ante to death camp is just a natural progression.


Loz, you should not interfere in other family business only your own. The EU is a corrupt mafia monster.

Honestly loz sometimes you come over as an utter dickhead

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